The 2012 Hurricane Season Is Coming: What You Need To Know
April 2, 2012

The 2012 Hurricane Season Is Coming: What You Need To Know Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

As we look at the calendar and see that winter is behind us for another year here in the Northern Hemisphere and  the severe weather season is upon us, that can mean only one thing — hurricane season is on its way and now is the time to prepare yourself and get ready.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami Florida has adjusted the winds for tropical weather this year to be as follows. The changes will impact these three CATS:

- CAT 3 will be winds from 111-129mph
- CAT 4 will be 130-156mph
- CAT 5 will now be anything 157mph and greater.

The National Weather Service has given the reason for adjustment to help in wind speed conversions for their advisories.

Another change that will impact people living in the hurricane impact areas is the use of tape for windows. It has been noted that using tape gives people a false sense of safety during a storm. So now the recommendation is to use hurricane clamps or nails to put boards up in your windows instead.

The best piece of advice is that if a large storm is coming that could probably be a CAT2 or higher evacuate your area. Board up your windows and lock down the hatches and move yourself and family to higher grounds and wait the storm out there. Houses can be rebuilt“¦families can´t.

Also here are a few other things you should be thinking about now if you live in a hurricane zone.

First, personal papers that are important to your life such as bank accounts, life insurance policies, house mortgages and other documents, need to be stored in a easy to go case so when the storm comes you can just pick up the case and go.

Another thing to have ready is a hurricane shelter kit. Some things you may want to include in this are bottled water,  canned foods, hygiene items, and clothes packed into a place in your house for easy access.

Other things to remember when the National Hurricane Center warns on Tropical systems -- they provide the data to both the local National Weather Service offices and also it will get passed on to the local television meteorologists. So when it comes time to find out information about approaching storms, there are a few sources available to use. The first, of course, would be the National Hurricane Center which is located in Miami Florida. The second would be the National Weather Service in your region. Thirdly is the local weather television studio or even online with some of the larger weather companies such as the Weather Channel .

As the season gets closer, make sure to have yourself prepared so you don´t get left behind.