Image 1 - Big Story Weather – April 2, 2012
April 2, 2012

Big Story Weather – April 2, 2012

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story news from April 1, 2012: There were many reports of April Fool´s jokes across the United States, outside of that here are a few other big weather stories that occurred. Heavy snow continued to fall in the mountains out west, while it was pretty warm for a good portion of the Southeast with temps well into the 80´s. Also through the evening hours there were reports of severe weather through Northern Mississippi extending eastward into Alabama and Georgia along with parts of the Carolina´s.

Big Story Weather News for April 2, 2012: High pressure in the west will make it a very nice day for places like Seattle, southward into Portland and even down into California. Temps in this area will be in the lower 60´s to 70´s in the south. Towards the southern plains is where we find today´s big weather. With an area of low pressure moving through Oklahoma and Texas, expect to see some T-storms develop today in this region. There is also a slight chance that some of these storms will become severe. The biggest threat from these storms will mostly be strong winds and possibly large hail. The chance to see some heavy rain in this area is also pretty good. Towards the Southeast we will see another nice day in store with partly to mostly cloudy skies and fairly warm as some places could easily be in the upper 80´s today. The Northeast should also has a nice day in store with partly to mostly cloudy skies and temps in the 60-70´s. The northern plains will also be dealing with a few pockets of showers and some cooler temps as tonight some of these places may see lows in the upper 30´s.

Big Story news outlook International: Eastern Asia is going to be dealing with a frontal boundary moving through the Sea of Japan which will bring mountain snows to Korea, along with coastal rains this will move towards Japan overnight. High pressure will influence most of Europe with partly to mostly cloudy skies with the exception being in Spain where they could see some rain today.  For the Land Down Under expect to see a pretty nice fall day as temps start to slowly cool down and also it should remain partly to mostly cloudy for the entire area.