Image 1 - Big Story Weather – April 3, 2012
April 3, 2012

Big Story Weather – April 3, 2012

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from April 2, 2012: Yesterday we saw thunderstorms move through the Southern Plains. Towards the evening they moved into the Gulf Coast Region. Also, out west in the Colorado Rockies they saw snowfall amounts near a half a foot or more in some places.

Big Story Weather for April 3, 2012: A new frontal system will begin pushing onshore towards the Pacific Northwest where they can expect to see rain showers move back into the cities of Seattle and Portland and also Northern California. Temps in this region will remain in the mid 60´s for most places. Moving east we see high pressure over the Dakota´s which will bring a very nice day  to that area. Expect to see partly to mostly cloudy skies throughout the region and temps in the 60´s. The Southern plains extending back eastward into the Gulf Coast region will be impacted by a low pressure system which will bring thunderstorms, some of which could be strong too severe. Most of the thunderstorm activity will begin in the afternoon due to day time heating. Temps in this region will be in the 70-80´s. Lastly, along the East Coast we will see high pressure off the coast influence the weather with partly to mostly cloudy skies throughout the region and temps will be in the 70´s for the southern portion to the upper 50´s in Maine.

Big Story Weather outlook International: A very deep area of low pressure is moving over Northern Japan today bringing with it mountain snows and heavy coastal rain along with winds that are in excess of 50mph. High pressure influencing Russia and the majority of Eastern Asian will bring nice conditions to the area. A weak low pressure moving through Europe will bring mostly cloudy skies and light rain showers throughout the region.  High pressure continues to influence the Australian continent with nice fall-like conditions. Further south towards the Science Research Centers in Antarctica there is a strong low pressure system moving through bringing areas of heavy snow to McMurdo Station.