Levitt for US Senate Ad Campaign Challenges Feinstein, Taitz

April 5, 2012

US Senate candidate David Levitt, on the ballot to represent California as a Democrat, launches the first video campaign ad of the 9-week Senate primary race today. In the video, Levitt explains how, under new rules, his campaign can push Republican frontrunner Orly Taitz, proud “Queen of the birthers” entirely off the November ballot, leaving two Democrats: Levitt and incumbent Dianne Feinstein.

California (PRWEB) April 05, 2012

In the 90-second video, Levitt appeals to the public’s overwhelming desire to end the Afghanistan war, obtain single-payer ‘Medicare for All’ rather than expensive, for-profit health insurance, and end the War on Marijuana that has filled California’s prisons beyond capacity.  

Polls show the public endorses all these changes, but incumbent Senator Feinstein consistently opposes them.  ”She’s out of touch with Americans, especially the people of California,” says Levitt.

Under California’s new Prop 14 rules, the June 5th primary is the state’s first ever “top two” race, where the top two vote-getters win the primary even if they´re from the same party. For the first time two Democrats may appear as Senate candidates on the November ballot, with no Republican.

To be a winner in June, Levitt may only have to receive more votes than the Republican frontrunner. That´s currently attorney Orly Taitz, whose claim to fame is her insistence that the president´s birth certificate is fake, amid her efforts to challenge his 2012 candidacy in court.

Says campaign manager Sheila Harden, “It couldn´t be a more perfect environment to start our campaign. In past races Democrats have felt obliged to line up behind Feinstein in the primary to keep a strong Republican from winning. There´s no such Republican this year.”

As Feinstein put it at California´s Democratic Convention in February, “The Republicans really couldn´t find a candidate to run against me.” In the most recent poll, the endorsed Republican candidate, Elizabeth Emken, was tied for last place among Republicans, with just 2% support. Meanwhile Taitz, with just 19% support among Republicans, is nonetheless their frontrunner.

“Levitt´s platform is perfectly in step with California voters,” says Harden. “We know Senator Feinstein will be one of the primary winners. To be the other winner, Levitt needs to beat the endorsed Republican – with 2% support in her own party – and Ms. Taitz. In California, we doubt even 10% of voters consider the president´s birth certificate a credible issue — which may be why Republican leaders are running away from their own frontrunner.”

Levitt says in the video:

“Imagine two Democrats on the November ballot – instead of Republican Orly Taitz…

Support David Levitt now and we’ll have a real choice in November:

  • Will we continue today’s costly, out of touch policies for another 6 years?
  • Or will we stand up for not-for-profit health care, our soldiers coming home from Afghanistan, and an end to the unpopular war on Marijuana?

It’s your choice. I’m David Levitt. Let’s make it happen.”

The Levitt for US Senate campaign web site is at http://www.Levitt2012.org.

Supporters and voters can follow on Twitter at @Levitt2012.

To follow the campaign on Facebook, visit http://www.facebook.com/Levitt2012.

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