Image 1 - Big Story Weather – April 6, 2012
April 6, 2012

Big Story Weather – April 6, 2012

Red Orbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from April 5, 2012: Yesterday we saw plenty of severe weather move through the entire Southeast. Most reports were of wind damage along with large hail. Another major weather impact was the onset of frost that swept through the Northeast and Great Lakes which came with our Canadian High pressure center.

Big Story Weather for April 6, 2012: Low pressure that has been causing all the problems in the Southeast is finally off the East Coast with a few left over showers for the Carolina´s today. High pressure has moved in over the Great Lakes and Mississippi River Valley providing a nice day for the area. Also it is providing some drying out weather for the Southeast where some places have seen rainfall amounts over 7 inches this week. Another frontal boundary is set up over the Northern Rockies which is bringing mountain snow to the region today. Mostly cloudy skies for the Northwest and partly cloudy skies over the Southwest for today.

Big Story Weather Weekend Outlook: An area of low pressure will be moving west of Hawaii bringing with it higher surf conditions and also the chance for thunderstorms to the islands.  This weekend we will also see our low pressure continue to move up the eastern seaboard and bring with it the chance for some moderate snowfall into Maine.  High pressure will influence the majority of the United States providing a nice weekend of weather to get out and enjoy. There will be a few isolated thunderstorms over the Oklahoma panhandle though.

Big Story Weather Outlook International: High pressure has moved into Eastern Asia bringing a break to the snow and rain for both Korea and Japan expect to see partly to mostly cloudy skies in this region today.  High pressure is also in control over mainland Asia to include places like Russia and China with partly to mostly cloudy skies. However, along the higher elevations in Russia expect to see some moderate snowfall to accumulate. High pressure is also moving in over England and Western Europe bringing a nice weekend of weather to this area.  High pressure also in control of the weather in South America providing partly to mostly cloudy skies for the day. In Australia we also are going to see another nice fall day.