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April 10, 2012

Big Story Weather – April 10, 2012

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from April 9, 2012: Overnight we saw a few reports of severe weather extending from the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles. Other than that, is was a quiet day across the country.

Big Story Weather News for April 10, 2012: Frontal boundary extending across the country  this morning is going to be the target for some active weather this afternoon. Look for isolated thunderstorms to stretch from Arkansas westward back into the Texas panhandle again today. Also out west we are looking at a few showers along the Pacific Northwest coast to include the cities of Seattle and Portland. In the Northeast there will be some showers moving through as an area of low pressure moves over the Mid-Atlantic today. Back in the plains expect to see a very cool but nice day as temps rise into the upper 50 and 60´s. This evening there will be a chance for a hard freeze in some places extending from the Dakota´s eastward into the Northeast. Make sure to cover your newly planted vegetation and take the flowers inside for the evening.

Big Story Weather Outlook International: High pressure to the east of Japan will influence the weather throughout Japan and the Korea´s bringing a very nice day to the region. Low pressure moving into Norway will bring with it showers along the coast and snow in the higher elevations of Norway and Finland today.  High pressure is also in control of the weather over Australia again today which will make for a nice fall day. A strong low pressure moving into the Gulf of Alaska will bring with is showers to Alaska´s southern tip today also. Today snow showers will again be found down at McMurdo Station also some strong winds could make it a challenging day to move about for that region.