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April 11, 2012

Big Story Weather – April 11, 2012

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from April 10, 2012: Last night a few strong thunderstorms made their way through Oklahoma and Texas and in the overnight hours headed into Louisiana. Early reports are mostly of wind and hail.

Big Story Weather News for April 11, 2012: Today we will see light showers through the Northeast which will give away later in the day to mostly cloudy skies and cool temps overnight. Into the Northern Plains we will see another nice day with skies partly to mostly cloudy and temps back into the 50-60´s. Out west we have another frontal boundary system beginning to move in which will bring showers to the cities of Portland and Seattle for today. The Southwest will see an area of thunderstorms develop later in the day and impact the city of Santa Fe. Into Texas and Oklahoma, with the frontal boundary extending through the area, look for showers and thunderstorms to develop as the day goes on. A very nice day in store for the Southeast with plenty of sunshine and temps into the lower 80´s for many.

Big Story Weather Outlook International: Low pressure moving through the northern portion of the Sea of Japan will bring with it areas of rain to Korea and also Japan today. High pressure will slowly begin to move into Western Europe bringing clearing conditions to places like England and France.  Also down in Australia high pressure begins to shift westward however it will still impact a large portion of the country with partly to mostly cloudy skies. For McMurdo station today look for partly cloudy skies and cool weather.

Big Story Weather Tropical News: The Atlantic Ocean is being controlled by high pressure today so no areas of concern. Eastern Pacific Ocean is also quiet today with no areas of development. Into the Western Pacific there is an area of low pressure moving across, however, at this time it´s far away from land and has no major potential for development.