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April 13, 2012

Big Story Weather – April 13, 2012

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from April 12, 2012: We had some severe weather move through the southern plains and extended northward into Nebraska. Expect more of the same over the next few days. Also the frost continued in the Northern Plains and extended into the Great Lakes and Northeast.

Big Story Weather News for April 13, 2012: Today´s big story is going to be the severe weather. As we move through today look for the severe weather to start increasing. We are expecting a large amount of severe weather to stretch from Texas northward all the way into the Northern Plains. Large hail, strong winds, heavy rain and tornadoes will all be possible today throughout the entire region of the plains section. High pressure will influence the entire east coast bringing with it partly cloudy skies and mild conditions with temps in the lower 80´s in Florida and along the Gulf Coast. Expect to see cooler conditions in the Northeast as there is a Canadian High pressure center moving through the Great Lakes this weekend. Another frontal boundary is making its way onshore over Southern California which will bring mountain snows and valley rains to the region.

Big Story Weather Weekend Outlook:
The major headline for this weekend is going to be the ongoing severe weather outbreak that is expected to cover a large area of the country. It will slowly shift eastward over the weekend and be along the Mississippi River valley by early next week bringing more severe weather. Be ready. This is probably going to be one of the largest outbreaks we have seen this year in regards to the amount of people that are going to be affected.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: A weak low pressure system moving to the south of Japan will bring isolated showers to some of the east coast of Japan.  High pressure over East China will influence the rest of Eastern Asia with partly cloudy skies. Look for higher elevation snows along the Mongolia and Russia borders.  A low pressure moving through the Alps region will bring coastal rain to the cities and also snow. A strong low pressure system is headed towards the Gulf of Alaska which will bring strong winds over the next couple of days. High pressure continues to influence the weather in Australia with dry conditions.

Big Story Weather Tropics: Another quiet day can be found throughout the Atlantic and also the Eastern Pacific. No major weather found in the Western Pacific also today.