Earth Day 2012 – How Will You Show The Love?
April 20, 2012

Earth Day 2012 – How Will You Show The Love?

Lee Rannals for

Whether you're of a religious background and support the idea of creation, or prefer more scientific theology and put your faith in the theory of evolution, one thing remains certain amongst all: Our Earth has been beautifully made.

Other planets in our Solar System are bleak and subdued compared to our planet, lacking an ample supply of brilliant colors, and the right conditions to support life.

We have a range of geology here on Earth, such as mountain ranges like the Rocky Mountains, or bodies of water like the Pacific Ocean.

Most may take for granted what this planet has to offer them because it is all we have known.  Growing up with a tree in your backyard may make greenery seem like a cliché to some, but those who grew up around the deserts in Egypt may crave the lushness of an oak.

For some, the place they find solace may be at the top of a 14,000-foot peak in Colorado, while others look for it on a sunny day at Laguna Beach in California.  Even the hustle and bustle of the city may help a city-slicker find their peace within. But without the elements that make up our planet, those engineering feats would not have been accomplished.

Regardless of whatever helps you find your solitude, Earth has more to offer than any other planets man has found.

In 1970, Gaylord Nelson, a former Senator from Wisconsin, helped start what we know now as Earth Day.  He selected April 22 as the day because it fell on a Wednesday originally, and he knew more students would be in class

About 20 million people celebrated the first Earth Day, including 2,000 universities and colleges, and about 10,000 secondary and primary schools.  Now, Earth Day is celebrated by more than 500 million people in 175 countries around the globe.

Earth Day is the one holiday everyone can relate to, because it is the day we celebrate the very thing that we rely on to breath, eat, drink and find our own place of tranquility.

Many use the holiday to raise awareness for issues like global warming, or fight for a species going extinct like the Siberian Tiger.  Others make use of the day by doing their part to make the planet more beautiful, like building a flower garden, or making their yards more habitable for bumble bees.

This year, RedOrbit is asking you to take a special part of Earth Day by spending an hour outside, but not building a garden, or raising awareness for a cause.

Go outside to the place that brings you peace, or go on an adventure to find that place in the outdoors that makes you appreciate this planet.

Spending an hour isolated with wilderness, or being captivated by the serenity that comes from watching water will do more for Earth Day than feeling like you have paid your dues.

Learning to appreciate this planet for what it has to offer can become infectious, to the point where you start living your life in gratitude of the planet.  Maybe, when you miss the trash can on the street, that hour you spent on Earth Day baking on a beach will make you convicted enough to go back and pick up the track to throw away.

Perhaps an hour under a shade tree in a park is all it takes to feel compelled to get involved in an organization like World Wildlife Fund and help save a Siberian Tiger.

Earth Day isn't about paying your dues to this planet, it´s about learning to appreciate it for what it is, and urging you to take care of it.

From the Earth we all came into this world as a crying infant, and to the Earth we all will go.  Let´s turn 2012 Earth Day into a day that changes our perspective, and sparks a fire in us to do more for the planet we know as home.