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April 24, 2012

Big Story Weather – April 24, 2012

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from April 23, 2012: The story from the past 24 hrs is the heavy snowfall that fell in parts of upstate New York and also in Western Maryland and West Virginia. The second major story of the day was the cold air that plunged southward. Places along the Gulf Coast woke up this morning to temps in the upper 30´s to lower 40´s, which for some is near record cold for this time of year.

Big Story Weather for April 24, 2012: The Northeast begins to see things improve as the Nor´easter has begun to wind down. Expect to see some light snows along the lakes in upstate New York still today, otherwise mostly cloudy through the rest of the region.  There is a slight chance of showers in southern MO/IL today with a weak upper level disturbance moving through the area. Look for high pressure to dominate the Gulf coast region again today with nice weather. High temps will be a tad on the cool side only in the lower 70´s. Another frontal system is beginning to move towards the Rockies, However, it should be a pretty dry front as there is no moisture available for it as High pressure is locked in over the Gulf. A small area of showers is also going to move onshore over the Seattle Metro area for today.

Big Story Weather Outlook International: Low pressure beginning to move into the Yellow Sea will bring with it showers to the Korea´s and increasing clouds to Japan for today. High pressure influences the weather throughout the Middle East making for a warm day in this region under partly cloudy skies. Another Low pressure system is beginning to move in towards England which will bring showers to the region along with snows to the Alps today. A low pressure system sitting towards the southeast of Australia will bring showers to the southeast coast of Australia for today. Also a weak low pressure center located over Darwin Australia will bring light rain to that region as well. High pressure will influence the remainder of Australia with partly cloudy skies.

Big Story Tropics: A new area of development has started to take shape in the Western Pacific 97W. This system is currently located to the southwest of Guam and east of the Philippians. Estimated information for this system is winds 15-20kts and surface pressure around 1009mb. The area is located over pretty warm ocean waters so it may need to be watched for future enhancements. The Atlantic is quite this morning and also the Eastern Pacific is quite.