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April 25, 2012

Big Story Weather – April 25, 2012

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from April 24, 2012: Yesterday we saw some leftover rain and snow showers in the Northeast. Along with that, we also saw heat in the southwest.

Big Story Weather News for April 25, 2012: A quiet day is in store for most of the country, except for a few passing showers in Green Bay and the Western Michigan area. A few showers will be possible along the West Coast in Seattle again today. The rest of the country will be partly to mostly cloudy, except in the Southwest where it will be warm and sunny today.

Big Story Weather Outlook International: Low pressure over Northeast Russia with its extended cold front over the East Sea/Sea of Japan will bring showers to the Koreas and most parts of Japan for today. Low pressure over Hong Kong will bring showers to that region as well. High pressure will again be in control over the Middle East making for another warm and dry day for the region. Low pressure continues to strengthen over Eastern Europe which will lead to some heavy rain for places like England and Spain along with cooler temps. High pressure begins to rebuild over Australia bringing nice weather to the majority of the country.

Big Story Weather Tropics: In the tropics today we still have 97W. As of today 97W did increase a little bit in intensity. Winds are now estimated to be near 20kts and sea level pressure has dropped to around 1008mb. 97W will continue to slowly drift westward over the next 24hrs. There should be no major land impacts over the next couple of days with this area of convection.  Elsewhere the tropics are quiet from the Atlantic to the Eastern Pacific and also the Southern Pacific.