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May 3, 2012

Big Story Weather – May 3, 2012

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from May 2, 2012: The Northern Plains again last night took a shot from the severe weather. Very large hail reports along with some tornadoes. Also along the Gulf Coast yesterday very heavy rainfall occurred leading to some minor flooding of rivers in the area.

Big Story Weather News for May 3: High pressure moving off the East coast will make way for the next frontal boundary and associated thunderstorms to start moving into the area later today. Expect to see thunderstorms from the Gulf Coast all the way northward into the Mid-Atlantic Region. Most of these storms could be strong. Low pressure out in the Northern Plains continues moving slowly eastward today bringing another day of severe weather to places from  Iowa eastward into the Chicago Metro area.  Low pressure and the associated frontal boundary is also moving onshore today in the west. The Western US will be dealing with mountain snows and moderate to heavy coastal rains from Seattle southward.

Big Story Weather Outlook International: A very intense low pressure system will continue to move up the Eastern shores of Japan today bringing strong winds and heavy rain along with isolated thunderstorms to most of the east coast.  High pressure will be in control over the Middle East leading to another warm day in the region.  Low pressure continues moving towards Spain and France bringing with it showers and gusty winds.  High pressure will remain in control for most of Australia making for another nice day in the land down under.  An area of Low pressure is moving though the southern tip of South America expect to see strong winds and moderate rain for this region as well.

Big Story Weather Tropics: Tropics are quiet across all regions from the Atlantic over into the Pacific and also around Australia.