New Physics Discovery by Andrew Magdy Kamal Worthy of Winning Crafoord Prize

May 4, 2012

An issue in the world of science: Andrew discovered that Einstein´s law doesn’t apply to everything in physics. According to Andrew, Einstein is wrong because E = mc^2 equation applies only to isolated systems, not to everything in physics. The Microsoft attachment explains all about Andrew’s theory and why he believes it´s right.

Tupelo, MS (PRWEB) May 04, 2012


Andrew Magdy Kamal copyrighted this theory; look at the Microsoft attachment for more details and information.

Force cannot equal mass acceleration according to some theories, force is actually the velocity of mass accelerating and energy is the force of mass accelerating. The reason that force is the velocity of mass accelerating is because force is the action of pulling and the result of the velocity of mass accelerating is the pulling or resisting force.

Einstein said that Energy = Mass Acceleration Squared. Now mass acceleration squared is actually the mass capacity accelerating, which is not really a result of energy but refers to the momentum happening as a result of a mass accelerating.

Andrew’s discovery is that Energy = the force of mass accelerating. The reason Einstein was wrong was because he did not include the variable of force. Think of a ballerina dancing. Her mass is causing a force that is accelerating causing burning energy. This idea is so revolutionary that Andrew’s term paper was copyrighted, patented, trademarked, and has been authenticated. This idea is so big it can change the world’s view on physics.

To see more of his ideas which are also based on theoretical physics, logic and theory please go to http://gamer456148.blogspot.com/p/patenets-and-trademarks.html

Andrew’s Inspirations were:

His lord and savior Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ), also his godmother Lisa Rose Schulz was a big inspiration for him.




Andrew Magdy Kamal, was born on 08/06/1996. Couple month after was born, he was baptized a Coptic Orthodox. He was born with asbergers and highly briliant. His psychologist estimated IQ range is over 222. He got his PhD at age 11, and became a professor at age 12. On 2012, he invented the hoverboard. Couple weeks later he founded the Coptic Orthodox Messianican Church wich is a coptic group that has some messianic jewish tradition in it. Andrew became a marathon runner and fighter in 2010 in honor of his friend Stevenson Heleq Willson who died on 11/17/2010 at the age of 14. Andrew is a hardworker that tries to succeed and spread the word of Jesus Christ everyday. Also, in 2012, he got nominated for an honorary degree from Clarkson ,and he got nominated for a honorary degree from Wofford.

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