May 8, 2012

Geoscience Currents 57 Examines Engagement Factors In US Geoscience Majors

AGI conducted a follow-up study to research conducted by Houlton (Geoscience Currents 45-48) in a Geoscience Currents series that examines the various pathways taken by undergraduate geoscience majors when deciding to concentrate in the Earth sciences. Conducted in late 2011, the new follow-up study featured in Geoscience Currents 57 utilizes data from 13 of the original 17 participants and discusses the similarities and differences between population groups in the context of their changing pathways. As part of the new Geoscience Academic Provenance Series, data also identify a new population group and assesses students' intrinsic motivations for pursing various geoscience pathways.


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