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May 10, 2012

Big Story Weather – May 10, 2012

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from May 9, 2012: Severe weather made a small return to the United States yesterday. Two tornadoes were reported in Louisiana which started as waterspouts and moved onshore. Secondly there were numerous waterspouts from the Texas coast all the way over to the Florida Panhandle.  Medium size hail reports also came in from Southern Texas and Southern Florida with the largest hail size being estimated around 4.5 inches which occurred in Southern Texas.

Big Story Weather for May 10:
Low pressure begins to move offshore near Maine today bringing leftover showers to Maine and parts of Vermont. The rest of the East Coast will enjoy partly to mostly cloudy skies as high pressure starts to build in over the Ohio River valley by this afternoon. The majority of the Gulf Coast will be in better conditions today with the exception being Southern Texas where the next low pressure system is beginning to develop and will move towards the Gulf by this weekend. A nice day is in store from the Plains westward out to the West Coast.

Big Story Weather Outlook International: Low pressure is heading up the east coast of Japan bringing with it showers and isolated thunderstorms to the cities along the east coast today.  Thermal lows developing over the Middle East today could cause the winds to pick up creating localized dust storms in the region. Low pressure to the south of Australia will bring showers to the southern coast of the region and also moderate snowfall to the McMurdo station in Antarctica.

Big Story Weather Tropics: An area of embedded showers and thunderstorms will be found to the northwest of Australia where the remains of 19S are. Outside of that, no tropical development is forecasted over the next 24hrs as all basins are quiet.