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May 14, 2012

Big Story Weather – May 14, 2012

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from May 11-13, 2012: Saturday was fairly quiet. However, we did see a waterspout off the coast of Florida which made its way on shore causing some damage in the panhandle. On Sunday, the severe weather shifted back into Western Texas and New Mexico with one reported tornado in New Mexico and multiple damaging wind reports in New Mexico and Western Texas.

Big Story Weather Outlook for May 14: Low pressure moving into the Mid-Atlantic region will bring thunderstorms to the Carolinas southward into Florida. Showers will be found from Maryland northward into NYC and Boston. High pressure will be in control for the majority of the country with partly to mostly cloudy skies found from the Ohio River valley and Gulf Coast westward to the Pacific Northwest. There will be one are of concern in Western Texas and Eastern New Mexico where upslope precipitation may occur today in the form of thunderstorms, some of which could be strong.

Big Story Weather Outlook International: Low pressure is moving off the Korean peninsula this morning moving eastward towards Japan. Expect to see showers from Korea into Western Japan with this system.  High pressure over the Arabian peninsula will bring another warm and dry day in this region. A strong low pressure system will be moving through Norway and Denmark today bringing low level showers and higher elevation snows.  Another strong low pressure system will be moving across the southern tip of South America bringing strong winds and isolated showers to the region.  High pressure will be in control for most of Australia today leading to a nice fall day.

Big Story Weather Tropics: We have two areas of concern this morning in the Tropics. The first is 92L, which is located well into the Atlantic with estimated wind speeds around 40kts and estimated pressure around 1007mb. This area  should remain well out into the sea for the next 24hrs impacting nothing more than shipping lanes. The second area of concern is to the south of Mexico area 90E. 90E has been moved into the Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert meaning the possibility is there for tropical development over the next 24hrs. Currently the estimated winds are around 25kts with a 1007mb estimated pressure.  Outside of those two areas the rest of the tropics looks good for today.