MindMachines.com Announces New Procyon MediaForm Brainwave Entrainment Device

May 17, 2012

Mindmachines.com unveils the Procyon a mind machine with Mediaform color changing lights and music sync capabilities.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 17, 2012

MindMachines.com announces the immediate availability of the Procyon Audio-Visual Synthesizer by MindPlace. Procyon utilizes an all new operating system with emphasis on performance training and visual meditation. Its color changing LED glasses are capable of creating thousands of colors by blending the red, blue and green LEDs at levels from 0 — 255 for each color. It delivers stunning, intensely deep experiences by melding the full spectrum of color with pure, clean digital sound.

Procyon sports a new technology called MediaForm the colors through a variety of visual effects, multiple color waveforms and variable phase control of the light waveforms, a wide variety of audio visual stimulation experiences is possible. The color therapy visual effects engine can also match colors to the desired state of mind. Warmer colors for energy, cooler colors for relaxation.

Another stand out feature is SynchroMuse which has the capability of synchronizing audio information on CD or MP3 with the brainwave entrainment programs built into the Procyon. “We are very excited about SynchroMuse and its ability to provide a brainwave entrainment light show.”, says product specialist, Fred Williams.

The complete Procyon mind machine system includes the compact control unit, Red/Green/Blue compact GanzFrames with micro-miniature LEDs, deluxe stereo headphones, USB cable (mini to standard), stereo audio patch cord (mini, 3.5mm), carrying case and manual.

The Procyon light and sound machine ships free to US customers. For more information visit MindMachines.com

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