Skeleton of T-Rex Cousin On Sale In NYC
May 18, 2012

Skeleton Of T-Rex Cousin On Sale In NYC

Michael Harper for

How would you like to get in on the ground floor and own a piece of history, immediately becoming the envy of your peers and intimidating all those who may cross you? Sound too good to be true? Act now and you may be able to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime offer for only $1 million!

Still unimpressed? You aren´t alone, as it seems the only people willing to take this bet are those who buy dinosaur bones and fossils at auctions.

A nearly completed skeleton of the Asian cousin to the popular T-Rex, called the “Tyrannosaurus bataar,” will hit the auction block this Sunday, and according to the New York Daily News, this fearsome creature could go for up to $1 million; A small price to pay for any fathers looking to protect their daughters by scaring off would-be gentleman callers.

New York-based Heritage Auctions obtained the 80 million year old T-Rex bataar from a British Collector.

“This beautiful Tyrannosaurus skeleton is one of the most complete, most spectacular specimens that we´ve ever seen,” David Herskowitz, Heritage Auction´s director of natural history, said in a statement.

“They´re incredibly rare to come across in any condition, let alone one as pristine as this,” he added.

The specimen in question was excavated in the Gobi Desert sometime within the past ten years. According to Bloomberg, the T-Rex bataar´s body is 75% complete, while the skull is 80% complete.

Furthermore, T-Rex bataar is already assembled and mounted, ready to be displayed in your backyard and poised to peer over your privacy bushes to torment and fatally frighten your neighbors´ dog.

Standing an intimidating 8 feet tall and an impressive 24 feet long, T-Rex bataar is poised and ready for any photo opportunity at your next party. For extra fun-points and ensured responsibility, you can hang your guest's keys from his 6 inch teeth.

Need more examples of this skeletons great value? Buy now and the auction house will waive the assembly fees, a savings of thousands! According to Herskowitz, “This is the first time a Tyrannosaurus that is fully prepared and mounted is being sold at auction.”

“It takes about two years and costs a couple hundred thousand dollars to prepare and mount it.”

Be sure to sell off your Apple stock and cash in your 401K, because this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is priced to move and move quick! And once it´s gone, it´s gone for good.

According to Bloomberg, natural-history museums opening in Asia, Europe and the Middle East are eyeing this skeleton, as a specimen as rare are this are hard to come by, and likely won´t be available again.

“Five years from now, the demand for dinosaurs is going to be huge,” said Herskowitz. “They aren´t making them anymore.”

Still feeling unsure about buying the whole piece but still want to be known as the Dino-Master to your friends and family? You can, for only $18,000 to $24,000 take home your very own 10-inch T-Rex bataar tooth, a perfect conversation piece, serving spoon for dips or keychain holder.

Act now! The auction begins this Sunday.