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May 25, 2012

Big Story Weather – May 25, 2012

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from May 24, 2012: Yesterday brought two reported tornados to the Northern Plains and also to the Great Lakes Region. Large hail fell from Kansas to Iowa and Missouri. Damaging wind reports were also found in this region along with a few isolated reports in Florida. In the Northeast, New Jersey was hit by damaging winds and hail. Hurricane Bud continued to steam towards Mexico as a CAT 2 hurricane, while an area of the coast of Florida continued to show signs of development also.

Big Story Weather Outlook for May 25: A tropical low pressure will continue to move northeastward along the coast of Florida bringing heavy rainfall to Florida into the Carolina´s. Also expect to see winds increase. High pressure is building in over Kentucky and Tennessee. Look for partly cloudy skies in that region extending down towards the Gulf Coast. Partly to mostly cloudy skies will be found in the Northeast. A new developing low pressure system is found over Nevada and Utah. This system is very potent and has both rain and snow with it. The Northern Rockies are under Winter Storm Warnings as some locations at higher elevations could see upwards to 2ft or more of snow this weekend with this system. The West Coast finally clears out to make for a nice day today in Seattle and Portland.

Big Story Weather Outlook International:
Typhoon Sanvu continues to track toward Iwo To Japan in the Western Pacific as a CAT 1 storm. A weak frontal boundary extends from Eastern China into mainland Japan bringing increased clouds and showers. High pressure will make for a warm day in the Middle East with partly cloudy skies.  High pressure also over Western Europe will make for a nice day from Spain to France northwestward into England. A strong low pressure system will make its way towards the southern portion of South America today bringing increased showers and winds. High pressure will bring partly cloudy skies to Western Australia and an area of Low pressure will bring mostly cloudy skies and showers to Eastern Australia.

Big Story Weather Tropics: Typhoon Sanvu continues to track toward the North as a CAT 1 storm in the Western Pacific, while Hurricane Bud continues steaming towards the Mexican coast as a CAT 2 storm. In the Atlantic a tropical low has established itself off the coast of Florida and this weekend will probably become our 2nd name storm in the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Detailed Tropical Update: Typhoon Sanvu has estimated winds to be near 75kts with an estimated pressure of 967mb. Iwo To Japan is forecasted to go through the right front quad of this storm and the latest forecast calls for heavy rain and winds from the Southeast at 50kts gusting to 95kts. Currently they are seeing winds from the Southeast at 19kts gusting to 30kts with a pressure of 1001mb.

Hurricane Bud continues in the Eastern Pacific as a CAT 2 storm with estimated winds near 95kts and a sea level pressure estimated at 964mb.

Tropical Low 94L continues to turn off the East coast of Florida with estimated winds around 30kts and estimated pressure of 1009mb. This area is forecasted to intensify over the weekend and probably become our 2nd storm of the season. Also this storm needs to be watched as high pressure over the Eastern United States is going to make this storm re-curve back towards the United States in Northern Florida or Southern Georgia.