May 31, 2012

Scientists Take The ‘High’ Out Of Pot

Israeli scientists have figured out a way to take the fun out of cannabis, turning it into a tool for strictly medical purposes.

The Maariv daily reported that scientists have cultivated a cannabis plan that does not get people stoned, but could still be used to benefit those who wish to smoke it for medical reasons.

The report said that the new cannabis looks, smells and tastes the same, but does not induce the feelings of getting "high."

"It has the same scent, shape and taste as the original plant -- it's all the same -- but the numbing sensation that users are accustomed to has disappeared," Tzahi Klein, head of development at the firm that developed the species, told Maariv daily.

"Many of our patients who tried the new plant come back to us and say: 'You tricked me,'" because they assumed they had been given a placebo, he said.

The report said that the firm behind the new cannabis, Tikkun Olam, aimed to neutralize the effect of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and increase the effect of cannabidiol (CBD).  CBD has been known to help diabetics and to ease various psychiatric disorders, and is considered a Schedule 1 controlled substance in the U.S.

Users are not only left without the feeling being stoned, but the new strain of pot does not induce the "munchies," which is the hunger one feels after smoking marijuana.

Medical marijuana has been approved for about 6,000 Israelis who suffer from various illnesses, according to the Sheba Medical Centre and the Israel Cancer Association.