PBusardo’s review of Innokin iTaste VV is due on Wednesday June 6th

June 5, 2012

According to tasteyourjuice.com, PBusardo´s review of Innokin iTaste VV e cigarette will come on Wednesday this week (June 6).

(PRWEB) June 05, 2012

According to tasteyourjuice.com, PBusardo´s review of Innokin iTaste VV is due on Wednesday of this week (June 6th). Meanwhile, two other well respected reviewers will release simultaneous reviews of the iTaste VV; the world light vaping review championship between Dimitris “the vapingreek” and Phil “The Chart Master” begins! That´s “one product, two opinions”, a real competition between the Practical and the Technical!

Dimitris is a professional reviewer from the VP LIVE Vape Team (vapersplace.com), an informative video talk show with exclusive vaping content made by the community for the community. VP LIVE Vape Team was assembled with careful planning to cover a wide variety of topics for use by correspondents. Perhaps their own statement explains their success among the vaping community:” our ultimate goal is to help the vaping community be informed not only on accessories and devices but the social aspect of ecigs as well as the legal uphill battle that is facing us and will continue in full force in the future. Last but not least, we will be using innovative technology to make it easy and accessible to everyone looking to make the switch from analogs to ecigs, as well as assisting anyone having problems keeping smoking out of their lives.”

Phil is also a professional reviewer of electronic cigarettes, who provides information to the Vaping community in an entertaining way. Vapers always find his reviews informative and humerous and Phil himself, states in his blog:” When I started doing the reviews, I wanted to combine all of this: The entertainer, the comedy and the tongue-in-cheek humor of my “DJ” side (how the reviews started), along with the detailed analysis of my “engineer” side.” Perhaps, this explains his popularity among the vaping community: “My reviews are always honest, fair, and impartial.”

Innokin, the creator of iTaste, continues to listen to reviewers and consumers alike, as mentioned on its website http://www.innokin.com: Innokin improves its products with every detail in mind, to make legendary electric cigarettes; recommendations from vapers themselves are always taken into consideration.

Innokin says:” Since the iTaste VV is a totally new product, there will naturally be some room for improvement. By listening to vapers, we can work towards the perfect iTaste.”

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