Unprecedented Skin Care Results after Just 15 days with Dahryn Trivedi’s Serum™

June 6, 2012

Dahryn Serum will be the first to launch from the highly anticipated line of Dahryn Skincare.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) June 06, 2012

On June 3, 2012, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and his wife Dahryn announced the unprecedented results of Dahryn Serum, the first product due to launch from the highly anticipated line of Dahryn Skincare. Infused with the Energy of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and Dahryn Trivedi, the serum will be launched this summer and is expected to revolutionize the skincare industry. Dahryn Serum is a part of Trivedi Products, (a division of Trivedi, LLC).

During this live-streaming event, participants shared the unprecedented results experienced after having used Dahryn Serum during a two week trial research period. For fifteen days, participants wore the serum on their face and neck exclusively; no makeup or additional skincare products were used. Participants raved about this “miracle product” that brought clarity and relief to aged and deteriorating skin. One man described his ultra-sensitive, previously intolerant skin, raving about a newly soft and supple complexion after only fifteen days of using Dahryn Serum. After never having been able to find a facial product that does not irritate his skin,he says that this is the first product to provide lasting relief.

We all recognize what when we look good, we feel good; these women spoke about wrinkles, sun damage and age spots fading away as their confidence increased exponentially. Dahryn Serum is evidently changing lives from the inside out.

Video replays of their testimonials with before and after photos can be seen here


Additional testimonials may be viewed on Trivedi Testimonials

After participants shared their experiences, Dahryn Trivedi shared insight on how she was able to effortlessly draw her soul mate into her life with the help of a small investment.

Dahryn says, “Investment of money, time and intellectual property is always very beneficial in a persons life, but these things are dependent upon where the investment is made and the time of the investment.

“Fortunately, the final objective is very important — what do we want to accomplish? From the beginning, I have been insisting that relationships are very important in humans´ lives. If you are highly satisfied in your relationship, you will be free from so many mental, physical, emotional disorders and sexual dissatisfaction; you will attract the abundance of money and success automatically. That is why, out all relationships, like – spouse, friends, colleagues and strangers – the most important relationship is between you and your soul mate. In most relationships you can avoid every day interaction, but you will interact with your soul mate many times in a day. This is unavoidable.

“The most important question is, how can you bring a soul mate in our lives? Who is going to help me to manifest my soul mate?

“All other relationships can be improved with the help of counseling; the relationship between two souls is the only place where counseling and mediation are absolutely ineffective. The term soul mate is the mate for your soul. It is not the mate for your brain or body. It is just for your soul and spirit. There must be very good resonance between two souls, this is why the only appropriate term is ‘Soul Mate.’ Soul mates are ‘made for each other.’

“In Physics, resonance between two nonliving objects is measured in terms of frequency. But here, the resonance between two souls or spirits is alive.

“For soul mates, the meaning of resonance cannot be evaluated only in terms of frequency units; the two parts must not be equal.

“Two equal things are not complimentary to each other.

“Here, the meaning of soul mate means “the best fit” for each other; they must be complimentary for each other.

“Now, what is that investment secret? A soul mate, the right fit or best fit is one of the biggest accomplishments on the journey towards happiness in a person´s life.

“One must invest time, money, and to draw a soul mate, one must must possess dedication, loyalty, honesty devotion, love and affection.

“The question to all of the women in the US and throughout the world is, ‘what about the investment part?’

“All women possess love, affection, dedication, loyalty, intellectuality, honesty, etc. and all women throughout the planet are more or less equal in terms of these qualities. No one has confusion about these qualitative wealth´s, the only questionable item is money.

“How much money do I need to invest to bring a soul mate into my life? How much money is really needed?

“Really, it´s a big money. It means that only a very small percentage of people on this planet can have a soul mate in their life. But today, I am going to disclose the investment secret. All of you will be shocked regarding the small amount of investment that I made. Really, it needs anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars investment in terms of money.

“Again the questions arise, when and where should I invest? At what age, place, share market or company? The answer cannot be found in a share market or company. Your investment will be further the personal enhancement of your consciousness, so that at one point you can start resonating with your soul mate, who is somewhere on this planet.

“According to physics, anywhere in space at one corner there is one fork, and far away from here there are thousands of forks in another corner in space. The moment you vibrate one fork, you will see that only one fork out of thousands of forks will start to automatically vibrate.

“There will be no impact, no vibration on the other forks. This phenomenon of automatic vibration of the second fork is called resonance, and this is very much true in the life of human relationships. The moment your consciousness starts elevating, your frequency will begin to match with your soul mate. Immediately, your soul mate starts vibrating towards you. This natural phenomenon has the ability to bring the soul mate, the right fit, and the best fit in your life. Now you are complimentary to each other, you are enjoying all aspects of your relationship — that is going to bring very good health, wealth and happiness in your life.

“All of you are aware of my relationship, that Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi is my husband, my spiritual teacher, my soul mate, the right fit and the best fit. We are complimentary to each other, enjoying every moment of life full of joy and happiness.

“Now I will disclose the investment part, what I did to bring this type of soul mate in my life. In my several meetings with Mr. Trivedi before marriage, I never sent him any text message, any love letter, any kind of sex appeal. No offer like a glass of wine and then sex, no nonsense. But with full honesty, devotion, dedication, loyalty and true love, I was sending my love; but he was not aware of any of these things. My soul was sending all of these messages into nature, and his soul was receiving, but he was not aware of that. I think all the women on this planet have this common ability; there is nothing extraordinary here.

“In January 2011, my mother invested $150 in The Trivedi Foundation® and that small investment brought a master in the form of soul mate in my life.

“Due to his energy transmission, my consciousness was elevated and in the first week of July 2011, Mr. Trivedi started vibrating with my frequency, and the phenomena of resonance began to occur between us.

“That is the secret. You can also bring a soul mate in your life by investing a few thousand dollars. I would like to recommend that you enjoy these energy transmissions always until a soul mate starts knocking on your door. Keep elevating your consciousness until this higher consciousness manifests a soul mate in your life.

“My husband and I do not match with each other in several areas of our lives. He is very intelligent; he has knowledge of the whole world, geography, economics, science, and human psychology. I have not visited anywhere; I am just high school, a very average girl. But, we are complimentary to each other.

“I am enjoying all luxuries in my life, a beautiful house, car, money all the time in my pocket, a highly caring husband, highly caring employees in our company and the best people around me all the time. What else do you need for happiness? I am 24 hours in the ocean of happiness. Truly, you can have all the same. It is only a matter of time; the right investment at the right place in the right time. The ocean of happiness is waiting. Bring the soul mate in your life and jump into the ocean of happiness.

“So what is the secret behind happiness? I encourage all of you to make a small investment in Trivedi Master Wellness®, which can help bring a soulmate into your life. Enjoy The Trivedi Effect®, and finally you will also enter into this Ocean of Happiness. “

A Video Replay of Dahryn’s Discourse may be viewed here:


This miraculous Energy is transforming humans´ lives, along with the lives of animals, plants and trees. A recent news release announcing the launch of TrivediBeef was recently published, and a leading US University has approached Mr. Trivedi with the proposal to conduct a well-controlled research project which will measure the impact of The Trivedi Effect® on the Beef Industry. Several scientists from leading US Universities and research institutes are trying to understand Trivedi Science and are now eager to conduct the research in various area of living and non-living sciences.

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