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June 11, 2012

Big Story Weather – June 11, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from June 8-10: The major event over the weekend was the rain, and lots of it. Places from Mississippi to Florida experienced the wet weather. Here are a few estimated reports: Southeast Mississippi along the Gulf Coast 3.57 inches as of midnight Sunday night, and with it raining again this morning, it will only continue to add up. Mobile Alabama estimated at over 10 inches. The biggest rainfall amounts come out of the panhandle of Florida where some places saw rainfall in excess of 12 inches. Other areas of concern this weekend included severe weather through the Northern Plains, and yesterday there was one tornado reported in Southern Georgia.

Big Story Weather Outlook for June 11: Low pressure will move through the Great Lakes bringing with it a few passing showers and isolated thunderstorms. Today´s biggest concern by far is the Gulf Coast and Southeast as these regions are already over-saturated. More thunderstorms are forecast to occur throughout the day bringing the potential for more flash flooding and river flooding. If you live in these areas, please make sure to go around a flooded road. The rule of thumb is “turn around don't drown”.  High pressure will be in control of the weather from the Plains all the way back to the West Coast. Expect to see partly to mostly cloudy skies throughout the region. The southwest continues to fight dry and windy conditions which are going to continue impacting the fires in New Mexico and Colorado.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: Tropical formation in the Western Pacific highlights the weather of the region as it is forecasted to intensify into a Typhoon over the next couple of days as it makes its way towards Okinawa Japan. The second area of concern is in India as the southwest monsoon has begun to set up, which will lead to heavy rain, strong winds, and possible flooding.  Areas of low pressure will continue to move along the boundary and impact areas from Hong Kong northward into Southern Japan. A weak frontal boundary will drape across Europe providing light rain and mostly cloudy skies to the region from Spain into Italy. Low pressure will impact the Northeast portion of Australia bringing with it heavy rain and strong winds, while the Southeast portion of Australia will be under the influence of a weak high and another strong low pressure will be moving through Western Australia bringing with it strong storms to places like Perth.  Also look for some heavy snowfall in and around McMurdo station in Antarctica.

Big Story Weather Tropics: Tropical Depression 5W has formed in the Western Pacific to the southwest of Guam, this system will continue tracking west-northwest and intensify. Estimated winds are around 25kts and pressure near 1004mb. In the Eastern Pacific 93E has developed and will continue to track towards the west and increase slightly over the next 24 hours. Estimated winds are around 20kts with a pressure of about 1007mb. Another location that will need to be watched later this week is a location south of Cuba that may develop in the long range forecast. Elsewhere the tropics are quiet this morning.