Professional Pricing Society & Holden Advisors Announce Collaboration on Delivering New Sales Negotiations Training “Negotiating with Backbone”

June 12, 2012

Working together, Holden Advisors and PPS will raise awareness of the role that sales negotiations plays in better pricing and profit improvements.

Marietta, GA (PRWEB) June 12, 2012

Holden Advisors, a world leader in strategic pricing and sales effectiveness announced that the Professional Pricing Society (PPS) has selected the firm as the lead provider of sales negotiations training for PPS events. PPS is the only organization in the world solely dedicated to Pricing Training and Education; and the preferred source of information and training for pricing practitioners and businesses seeking pricing and profitability improvements. Working together, Holden Advisors and PPS will raise awareness of the role that sales negotiations plays in better pricing and profit improvements.

The collaboration between Holden Advisors and PPS will begin this summer with an Online Pricing Course called Negotiating with Backbone that will be offered via the PPS website. In addition, PPS will be hosting a Negotiating with Backbone full day Workshop as part of the PPS 23rd Annual Fall Workshops & Conference in Orlando, FL on October 23-26 2012. Additional Negotiating with Backbone Workshops will be scheduled at future PPS events in Europe and North America.

Negotiating with Backbone is a highly pragmatic course that teaches sales professionals, sales management, and pricing professionals how to successfully negotiate with procurement and economic buyers. The online course & workshops provide a simple approach to decode the selling situation into one of eight selling scenarios. With a clear understanding of the selling situation, the course then provides proven strategies to successfully negotiate. The live and online training materials are based on the new book “Negotiating with Backbone”, by Dr. Reed Holden.

“By working together with Holden Advisors, PPS will help businesses go the final mile in price and margin improvement,” stated Chris Provines, Vice President, Holden Advisors. “This final mile is where sales teams negotiate and implement price with customers. Together, we´re bringing thought-leading resources and tools to help companies decode buyer tactics and successfully deal with procurement and difficult economic buyers.”

Dr. Holden´s new Book, Negotiating with Backbone, is a guide to helping sales people, sales management, pricing professionals and senior executives learn how to negotiate price more effectively. The book is based on over twenty years of experience and research in business buyer behavior. It provides a proven approach to decode buyer behavior, understand the selling scenario, and choose the right sales and negotiation strategy to defend prices and value.

Together with the negotiations training, Holden Advisors offers a full range of services to help clients sell and negotiate value more effectively. These services include helping clients understand customer value, develop negotiation give-get strategies, create value selling tools, and integrate these tools and strategies into their sales playbook. This integrated approach to selling and negotiating value ensures clients can succeed in the new era of the economic buyer.

About Holden Advisors    

Holden Advisors increases our clients´ revenue and profits by leveraging the financial value of an offering in pricing strategy and process, so empowering sales people to capture the full profit potential while confidently defending prices. Our team delivers global pricing strategy, analysis, processes, and backbone-building sales effectiveness training that drive real impact straight to the frontline of the customer buying experience. For more information on how to build negotiating backbone in your sales organization, please see http://www.HoldenAdvisors.com.

About Professional Pricing Society

Founded in 1984, the Professional Pricing Society (PPS) serves thousands of members, representing leading industries all over the world. The Society’s mission is to nurture a growing community of professionals committed to disseminating pricing expertise throughout the business world. PPS is the only professional organization to offer a pricing certification program, and offers its Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) program via online and live event workshops. Publications distributed to members include an eight-page monthly newsletter and a 36-page quarterly journal. Further, the PPS website (http://www.pricingsociety.com ) is a central resource for state-of-the-art pricing knowledge and hosts a job site where professionals can post or review new opportunities in the industry. PPS also maintains a Pricing Blog at and a Pricing Group on LinkedIn. PPS has also created a LinkedIn Group focused in Asia-Pacific aimed to support the growth of the pricing profession in that thriving region of the world.

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