By Installing The “A” Clamp In Newly Built Homes, Homeowners Can Prevent Costly Repairs

June 15, 2012

LNR Industries announces the patented “A” Clamp Sewer Line Vent Clamping System that secures riser and cleanout pipes to the discharge pipe with a strong action that eliminates ground water infiltration. This low cost, easy to install clamp can save thousands of dollars in wastewater treatment every year in northern areas that experience damaged vent pipes caused by cold winter temperatures.

Newfane, NY (PRWEB) June 15, 2012

Every homeowner in the northeast knows the damage cold weather can cause to the pipes in their home, but with the “A” Clamp, a simple and affordable solution provided by LNR Industries, this damage could be prevented. The “A” Clamp works by forming a tighter seal on the sewage pipes in homes, preventing groundwater from getting into the system, and keeping wastewater from getting out.

After a small, one time expense, the “A” Clamp will pay for itself by preventing costly repairs year in and year out. This quality built product is made with pride in the USA and has a proven track record for success. In fact, the “A” Clamp has been so successful that many communities have added it to the building codes, so that all new construction will benefit.

The problem with unsealed sewer pipes is that ground water makes its way in. This leads to local sewage treatment plants becoming overwhelmed, as they must not only treat wastewater but clean groundwater as well. The “A” Clamp prevents this by keeping groundwater out, the end result of which is that less taxpayer money is spent on unnecessary treatment of clean water.

The beauty of the “A” Clamp is its simplicity. It is low-cost and low-tech, ensuring that it is affordable to install and that it will last for years to come. From homeowners looking to save on expensive repairs to their pipes to making it more efficient for sewage treatment plants to operate, it is easy to see why the “A” Clamp has become the solution of choice.

About the company:

LNR Industries, a family run business, which operates out of Newfane, New York, has researched and developed a product that will eliminate influent infiltration due to leaking vent and riser pipes. The product is a mechanical device, which will couple the sewer vent or riser pipe disallowing the seal to be broken. LNR Industries obtained the patent to the “A” Clamp in 1995. Visit their website at http://www.aclamp.com.

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