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June 18, 2012

Big Story Weather – June 18, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from June 15-17: On Friday there was a tornado reported in Eastern Colorado. There were also multiple hail reports, with the largest report coming from the Miami, Florida area at an estimated 3 inches in size. The strongest wind report was estimated at 82 mph near the station of KQMG in New Mexico. As for Saturday ,the tornado count was estimated at one in Southeast Colorado northeast of Pritchett. The largest hail stones on the day came from Missouri at an estimated size of 1.75 inches. Sunday was another severe day as we saw two tornadoes, one in Northeast South Dakota near the town of Peever, and another across the border in Minnesota near the town of Wheaton. Largest hail on the day came from the Northeast South Dakota region at 2.5 inches in size. Strong winds were recorded in Northeast South Dakota and Western Minnesota where power poles were snapped in half and trucks and trailers were thrown off the interstate. Some reports approached the upper 70 mph range.

Big Story Weather Outlook for June 18: High pressure off the East coast of the United States will bring partly cloudy skies to the entire Eastern Seaboard. Look for the afternoon sea-breeze to bring isolated afternoon thunderstorms to the Gulf Coast region. Low pressure near the Great Lakes will bring isolated storms to the region. Partly cloudy skies will be found from the Plains all the way back into the Southwest United States. Look for some isolated showers to begin moving onshore near Seattle this afternoon.

Big Story Weather International Outlook:
Typhoon Guchol continues to track towards the Northeast and will begin to slowly start impacting the Southern Islands of Japan later today. Expect to see dry and warm weather across the Middle East. Low pressure near Norway will bring isolated showers to the region, otherwise the remainder of Western Europe will be looking at mostly cloudy skies. High pressure will be in control of Eastern Australia´s weather bringing partly cloudy skies, while the western edge of Australia will begin to see showers and isolated thunderstorms with the next approaching low.

Big Story Weather Tropics for June 18: Typhon Guchol is just to the east of Okinawa Japan this morning bringing winds of near 46 mph along the coast of Naha Japan which is located West of the storm. Estimated winds with Guchol are around 105kts and pressure near 944mb. Tropical Storm Talim has formed just of the coast of Hanoi Vietnam and will make its way through the South China Sea and head towards the Northeast. Estimated pressure this morning is around 989mb with winds near 45kts. In the Eastern Pacific another area has developed just to the south of Mexico in the same area of the remains of last week´s tropical system. Estimated pressure is near 1006mb with winds around 25kts. Another feature located in the Northern Atlantic just to the Northeast of Bermuda has estimated winds around 30kts and a pressure near 1005mb. If this feature develops it will be known as a Sub-Tropical system.

ENSO WATCH: Currently in the Neutral Phase

(Sea surface chart courtesy of F-5 data)(Analysis by Meteorologist Joshua Kelly)

This morning we see temps off the Coast of Peru around 20-22C, however if we look just to the west we can start to see the 24-26C temps starting to close in on the coast. Back over in the French Polynesia Island we see the temps around 28-29C with a slight shift east of the 28C temps. Hawaii is looking at temps in the 24C on the south facing shores and 22 right on the north side of the islands.

Another reinforcing shot of 28C temps are coming across the Pacific in two small pockets they should remain north of Peru however head towards Central America.