Energy Infusion Meets Skin Care: Introducing Dahryn Silver Gel™

June 21, 2012

Trial participants report “Miracle product” brings clarity and radiance to skin and relief to a wide range of skin problems

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) June 21, 2012

On June 14, 2012, fifteen trial participants recorded their first experiences and results with Dahryn Silver Gel, the premiere product from the highly anticipated Dahryn Skincare line (a division of Dahryn, LLC.). Infused with the Trivedi Effect®, the powerful Energy Transmissions of Dahryn Trivedi and Mahendra Trivedi, the range and degree of the reported results from this product have been remarkable.

In over 4,000 scientific experiments, The Trivedi Effect® has been proven to change the character and behavior of living organisms and non-living materials at the atomic level. The results have been measured, validated and documented with the help of the most sophisticated technologies available on this planet, resulting in several publications in leading international peer-reviewed journals; these results continue to astound the scientific community.

Dahryn Silver Gel is the first beauty product infused with the Trivedi Effect® and as a result it is the first skin treatment with intelligence. It can identify specific skin concerns and problems and provide what is needed or missing to improve the quality of all types of skin conditions.

During a two-week product trial, participants experienced unmatched results after twice daily applications of Dahryn Silver Gel. For fifteen days, participants applied the silver gel to their face and neck; no makeup or additional skincare products were used.

Participants with dry skin found their skin´s moisture returning while those with oily skin discovered that the Dahryn Silver Gel normalized their skin. Other participants spoke of wrinkles, sun damage and age spots fading — which greatly increased their self-confidence as well as dramatically improving their skin.

Dahryn Silver Gel can not only deliver a broad range of skin-repairing benefits, it may also save time and money as trial participants reported that they no longer needed their numerous expensive products and time- consuming skincare regimes.

One male participant reported that the ultra-sensitive cracked skin on his hands was repaired only fifteen days. Additionally, the hypersensitive on his face which resulted in chronic “razor burn” was now soft and supple from Dahryn Silver Gel.

Video replays of their testimonials with before and after photos can be seen here http://youtu.be/TUB8eZLs5kQ

Additional testimonials may be viewed on Trivedi Testimonials.

Dahryn Silver Gel will launch late June and is expected to revolutionize the skincare industry.

Further information is available at http://www.dahrynskincare.com

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