Revolutionary Build-up Inhibitor, Adi3tek®, Introduces Solutions to Sulfur-generated Ring Formations

June 25, 2012

T& S Building Materials LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of Adi3tek® an exceptional chemical build-up inhibitor for Sulfur-generated crust and ring formation in calcining lines. Adi3tek® competes with and effectively re-directs Sulfur and trace element-catalyzed reactions to create higher melting point alkaline compounds which easily disintegrate from equipment walls, quickly improving calcining line heat transfer efficiency and performance.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 25, 2012

T&S Building Materials LLC is a leading distributor of State of the Art fossil and alternative fuel combustion enhancers, corrosion, crust, and build-up inhibitors for pre-heater, pre-calciner and cement kilns since 2008 worldwide.

Adi3tek® is a third generation fuel enhancer/chemical inhibitor specifically developed to block Sulfur-generated crust build-up in preheater/pre-calciners and to avoid ring formation in cement kilns.

Adi3tek®consists of a propietary blend of surfactant, dispersing and stabilizing agents as well as polymer inhibitors and fuel enhancer/catalysts.

Adi3tek® has been employed with unparalleled success in the cement industry since 2008.

Adi3tek® should be dispensed through suitable calibrated metering pumps. It can be added onto the conveyor belt right at the entrance to the fossil fuel grinding mill or directly into the burner’s combustion chamber if using liquid fossil or alternate fuels.

Documented benefits of the Adi3tek® build-up inhibitor:

1. Eliminates thermoplastic build-up on pre-heater and pre-calciner walls

2. Inhibits ring formation and disintegrates pre-existing rings in cement kilns, dramatically reducing kiln stoppages.

3. Increases clinker production

4. Improves overall calcining line stability and raw meal flow to the kiln

5. Allows use of higher Sulfur containing raw materials, fossil and/or alternate fuels

6. Reduces false air entrance to kiln, quickly improving thermal efficiency and performance

7. Increases personnel safety by eliminating the use of water blasters to eliminate equipment build-up and crusts

8. Increases both equipment availability and reliability

9. Recommended dosage: One liter Adi3tek® per metric ton solid fossil fuel or One thousand liters liquid fossil fuel.

For a complimentary 30 day trial please call our Toll Free Number (USA & CANADA) 855-595-5662 or send an email to: elias(at)adi3tek(dot)com (Houston, Tx) luis(at)adi3tek(dot)com (Houston, Texas) or jgonzalez(at)adi3tek(dot)com (Monterrey, Mexico) or visit us at http://www.adi3tek.com

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