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June 28, 2012

Big Story Weather – June 28, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from June 27: The heat that encompassed three fourths of the country from the Rockies into the Ohio River Valley was the big story of the day. Temps yesterday hit 110+ in a few places in Kansas. Along with that we saw Heat Index values near 115F for many other places. Another major story was the dry weather that has plagued the Western Rockies and Northern Plains leading to large forest fires that are having large impacts.

Big Story Weather Outlook for June 28: Low pressure will continue to influence the weather in the Northeast with afternoon thunderstorms for places like Boston and New York. High pressure beginning to build in over the Southeast will bring partly cloudy skies to the region allowing Northern Florida to start drying out from the past weeks rainfall totals. The heat will be on again in the nation's mid-section with temps soaring to above 100F in Kansas and Oklahoma and near 98F for Dallas Texas. Thunderstorms associated with a weak frontal boundary will develop this afternoon over places like Chicago and throughout the Great Lakes. There will be a chance for isolated thunderstorms in the fire zone of Colorado this afternoon and evening, with the biggest concern going to be lightning. Any rain that falls will be welcome to the area as firefighters continue to fight the huge fires in Colorado. Look for partly cloudy skies and cool temps in places like Seattle with a high in the upper 70´s.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: A weak frontal boundary will bring isolated showers to Southern Japan today, while it will be partly cloudy back into the Korea´s.  The monsoonal trough will continue to influence the weather throughout Southeast Asia.  Partly cloudy skies will be found throughout Europe from Spain over into Germany and southward into Italy. Scattered showers will be found over England with the approaching low from the West.  Low pressure will bring cloudy skies and scattered showers to the majority of Eastern Australia, while the Western section will be under the influence of high pressure bringing partly cloudy skies to the region.

Big Story Weather Tropics for June 28, 2012: This morning we have the redevelopment of Tropical Storm Debby as it has emerged over the Atlantic Ocean and hit the Gulf Stream and has regained strength. The storm is forecast to head towards Bermuda now. Estimated pressure was around 998mb and 35kts of wind. Tropical Storm Doksuri continues to track towards mainland China and is forecasted to make landfall just north of Hong Kong. Estimated winds are around 30kts and pressure near 1000mb. Elsewhere in the Western Pacific there is an area of low pressure to the Northeast of Papua New Guinea which has an estimated pressure of 1010mb and winds near 15kts. In the Southern Pacific there is also a an area of low pressure that has developed to the Northeast of Australia, current estimated winds are near 15kts and a pressure of 1010mb. The rest of the ocean basins are quiet this morning.

Tropical Watch: Redevelopment is forecast for TS Debby, as the system entered back over the ocean waters off the coast of Florida it encountered SST temps near Florida are around 28C, while Debby will again begin to weaken as it heads Northeast towards Bermuda as the SST temps around Bermuda are near 24C.

(The following map is courtesy of F-5 data).