Innokin Leo Pro Enters Russia E Cigarette Market

June 28, 2012

Innokin announced the sale of Leo Pro in February, now Innokin Leo Pro has entered the electronic cigarette market of Russia.

(PRWEB) June 28, 2012

Innokin announced the sale of Leo Pro in February, now Innokin Leo Pro has stepped into the electronic cigarette market of Russia. The new Leo Pro atomizers, together with their renowned tanks, are also more compatible with other models and can work with more capacious batteries than the previous models.

Innokin Leo pro has a few interesting features which make it more competitive than the popular eGo cigarette.

Leo Pro owns several interesting features that set it apart from ordinary e-cigarettes. First is the beautiful cap – both on the handle – it protects the atomizer from physical damage during transport of cigarettes. In contrast to conventional Innokin Lea, the cap here is not fixed to the device. This means that it can be used on other models.

Components of cigarette Leo PRO

The battery of Leo PRO has a capacity of 1000 mAh and it can be charged directly via USB while using cigarettes. 1000 mAh battery will last for a whole day for almost any vapers.

The size of the battery continues to be compact enough! It is the same as the eGo 650 mAh in length but a little wider.

Once the battery begins to run out, the cigarette will tell the users about it by changing the LED color on the body (green => yellow => red). When charging, the same will light up the LED lights, but in the opposite direction. If the LED is completely shut down, it means that the charging process is over. If desired, the battery can be turned off completely. Press the power button three times; the unit will completely turn off; repeating the same procedure will enable it.

Atomizer and the tank

The Leo Pro atomizer looks very solid. They are made of steel, and are large in size. The tank on this model is fairly standard and can accommodate 1 ml e liquid. Unlike most other cartridges, the tip beyond the atomizer is made of durable black material. It looks very good! Innokin Leo Pro model will work with virtually any personal vaporizer with a suitable (510) thread.

Leo PRO – Performance

Innokin Leo Pro really works well, unlike many other similar models, Leo Pro is working with a fairly high power. Leo (with regulator) constantly gives out 3.7V – more than the anemic 3.2V. The constant voltage and excellent ergonomics design (and a great location for a button) allows the cigarette to compete with any mod at 3.7V.

Overall, the Leo Pro has a very respectable performance and build quality.

Leo PRO offers the user a very solid build quality, ergonomics, and good performance.

In short:

As a cap on the handle – looks great

Direct USB Adapter

3.7V from the regulator output

the possibility of a complete power outage

easily and safely carried in the pocket

Excellent build quality and ergonomics

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