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July 3, 2012

Big Story Weather – July 3, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from July 2: Yesterday's weather consisted of a major squall line going through Northern Minnesota bringing with it a large area of wind damage. Other areas that saw wind damage were Tennessee and Kentucky.  A third area was associated with thunderstorms along the Gulf Coast and Northern Florida. The majority of the hail reports came from Minnesota with the size ranging from 1.0in to 1.75in based on National Weather Service reports.

Big Story Weather Outlook for July 3: Frontal boundary moving through the Great Lakes region has a very intense line of thunderstorms associated with it. The bad news is this line of thunderstorms is headed towards the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast again in the overnight hours. Temps will range in the Upper 80´s near Buffalo to the 90´s in Baltimore. Another very warm day is in store for all the people that are still without power in our major metropolitan areas. The heat and afternoon sea breeze thunderstorms are in store for the Gulf Coast today. Look for high temps back into the upper 90´s for the region with Heat Index values soaring into the Triple Digits. High pressure will build in over the Northern Plains and with that look for it to provide partly cloudy skies and temps in the lower 90´s. Partly cloudy skies will prevail from the Plains back to the West Coast. The Pacific Northwest will be dealing with showers and colder conditions with highs only in the mid 60´s.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: Partly Cloudy skies will prevail over Japan and the Korea´s while a frontal boundary over Eastern China will bring showers to places like Hong Kong and Shanghai. The rains associated with the monsoon will kick up again today over India. Warm and dry day for the Middle East. High pressure over Spain and France will bring partly cloudy skies to the region and it will also extend over into Italy and Greece. Low pressure remains over England bringing another cool and rainy day to the region. High pressure will bring partly to mostly cloudy skies across the entire country of Australia for today.

Big Story Tropics for July 3, 2012: Two areas of low pressure showing interest this morning. The first is 96E located off the coast of Central America. Estimated pressure this morning is around 1007mb with winds near 25kts. The second is 96W located over the Philippines bringing heavy rain to the region. It is forecasted to continue tracking westward towards mainland China over the next few days. The estimated pressure is around 1004mb with winds near 20kts. The remainder of the tropics are quiet.

(The following map is courtesy of F-5 data).

A look across the Atlantic Tropical region this morning shows really warm waters along the African central coastline as July starts to progress. This is the region we start to focus our attention to for tropical wave development. Also the rest of the Tropical Atlantic is ranging in temps from the 25-28C range, so the temps are plenty ready to support tropical development.  The other features that need to be watched are the Sub-tropical High and its location along with the upper level winds throughout the region. All of these things will be watched closely over the next few months for tropical development.