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July 4, 2012

Big Story Weather – July 4, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from July 3, 2012: Yesterday´s big story was again the heat that spread from the Northern Plains all the way eastward into the power-less places like Maryland and West Virginia. Also, the heat spread further back into the Southeast for another day where heat index values topped 105F. The other side to the story was the severe weather which also occurred in the Southeast. The main threat was from wind damage, with places from the Carolina´s back southwestward into Alabama seeing winds in excess of 60mph which knocked power and trees down in the respective areas.

Big Story Weather Outlook for July 4, 2012:
An area of low pressure will bring scattered thunderstorms to places like Bangor, Maine and into parts of Boston where temps will be a little bit cooler due to the extra cloud cover. However, places like New York City will see high temps in the upper 80´s. Into the Southeast it will be another warm day as temps rise back into the upper 90´s along with a few afternoon thunderstorms for the majority of the Gulf Coast region. In the Mid-Mississippi River Valley expect to see another dry and warm day as temps in places like Memphis climb back into the upper 90´s with heat index values over 105F. In the Northern Plains another low pressure system will begin to move through the area bringing with it warm weather along with an increase for severe storms later this afternoon. Look for high temps in places like Omaha in the upper 80´s. The Western part of the United States will be dry and warm as temps will range from the upper 80´s along the Pacific Northwest to the 90´s in the interior parts of the West.

Big Story Weather International Outlook:
A weak area of low pressure will be moving along a frontal boundary in Eastern China which will bring an increase in cloud cover to places from the Korea´s eastward into Japan. A few passing showers will be found back towards Hong Kong and Shanghai. The monsoonal trough will again be active back into India and the southeast portions of Asia. The Middle East will be warm and dry again today with high temps approaching the 100´s. Low pressure to the south of England will bring showers to England along with a few showers further eastward into Spain and parts of France along with extensive cloud cover to Italy. High pressure will again dominate the entire region of Australia with clear to partly cloudy skies and cool temps.

Big Story Tropics for July 4, 2012: Tropical Depression 4 has formed just to the south of Mexico and is forecasted to continue to strengthen over the next 48hrs with current pressure estimated to be around 1008mb and winds near 30kts. In the Western Pacific there is 96W which continues to track slowly to the west with an estimated pressure of a 1003mb and winds near 20kts.

(The following map is courtesy of F-5 data).

Tropical Depression 4E will continue to strengthen over the next few days as the SST temps are in the range of 28-30C, however as it slowly starts to drift to the northwest it will encounter colder waters and then will begin to weaken over the longer term.