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July 5, 2012

Big Story Weather – July 5, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from July 4, 2012: The heat was around in full force yesterday from the Plains all the way into the Southeast as temps again soared well into the upper 90´s with heat index values in the 100-110F range. The biggest severe weather threat yesterday was the winds with over 200 wind damage reports extending from Minnesota down southward into the Southeast. The strongest winds were concentrated in the Southeast portion of the United States from places like Georgia and Alabama also into the Carolina´s.  Also a large sweep of strong winds occurred through the damaged Mid-Atlantic region of Maryland and the Virginia´s.

Big Story Weather Outlook for July 5, 2012:
A  few remaining thunderstorms will be found in the Northeast from Maine southward into New Jersey. The Mid-Atlantic will be partly cloudy and warm again today as temps near 90. The Southeast will be hot again today with temps in the upper 90´s such as Gulfport MS. The afternoon sea-breeze will bring scattered thunderstorms to the area this afternoon into the early evening with the chance of strong winds and hail being the main threat. Dallas will see a nice day with temps in the mid 90´s as clouds will increase overnight. A frontal system will bring some much needed rain to areas such as Denver where the high temp today will be in the lower 90´s. The frontal boundary will bring thunderstorms from the Northwest portion of Texas all the way northward into the Dakota´s. The West Coast will see another nice day with temps in the upper 70´s in places like San Diego. Look for increasing clouds when you move into the Pacific Northwest with temps also in the mid 70´s.

Big Story Weather International Outlook for July 5, 2012: Low pressure over the Korea´s will bring showers and thunderstorms to places such as Seoul and eastward into Japan for the majority of the day. The monsoonal trough will continue to bring moderate rains to places like India. High pressure over the Middle East will make for another warm day in the region. Low pressure moving through Spain will bring a chance of showers and thunderstorms to places in Spain and France. Another area of low pressure will bring showers to England. A strong area of high pressure will be moving through the southern part of South America bringing partly cloudy skies to the region. High pressure again will dominate the weather for the majority of Australia bringing a nice cool winter day to the region.

Big Story Weather Oceans for July 5, 2012: Tropical Depression 4E will intensify into the 4th tropical storm of the season later today. This morning the winds are estimated to be near 30kts with a pressure around 1005mb. Elsewhere the tropics are quiet this morning.

(The following map is courtesy of F-5 data).

Tropics Watch: As we enter the 5th day of July, there are a few areas to start watching in the Atlantic. The Southern Caribbean is the first area of concern as the SST temps are in the 27-28C range. An area of Low pressure continues to develop off the coast of South America. Another strong wave is beginning to push off the coast of Africa and the area there will be dealing with warm waters. The only problem that the storms leaving the tropical region of Africa this would be the dust coming off the coast.