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July 9, 2012

Big Story Weather – July 9, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from July 6-8: A frontal boundary began to start moving through the Northern Plains finally bringing some relief from the heat to places like Chicago and Minneapolis. The front was also responsible for storms that brought hail and strong winds from the Northern Plains extending into the Mid-Atlantic back into the Southeast this past weekend.

Big Story Weather Outlook: Partly cloudy skies and cooler weather will extend from the Northeast southward into the Mid-Atlantic with places like New York seeing temps in the upper 80´s. An area of low pressure will be along the Carolina coast and the associated frontal boundaries will extend westward back into Texas making for a line of storms that will stretch from the Carolina´s westward back into Texas today. High temps in places like Nashville will be in the lower 90´s. Florida will see very nice weather today with the afternoon sea breezes bringing thunderstorms to the Northern part of the state, while places like Orlando will enjoy partly cloudy skies and high temps in the upper 80´s. In the Midwest the frontal boundary will extend through the region bringing thunderstorms to places like Topeka, Kansas were the high temp will be in the mid 80´s. The western part of the state will enjoy another dry day with mild temps for most with the exception being in the southwest were places like Reno could be dealing with triple digit heat again today.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: Partly to mostly cloudy skies will prevail from Japan westward back into the Korea´s, while a frontal boundary will extend over Eastern China bringing showers and thunderstorms to places like Hong Kong. The monsoonal trough will continue to influence the weather over Southeast Asia with heavy rains for places like India. It will be dry and warm for the Middle East again today.  Low pressure moving south of Spain will bring a chance for isolated showers to the region.  Low pressure will be moving into Southwest Australia bringing with it extensive cloud cover to the country along with showers and thunderstorms to places like Perth and along the south coast.

Big Story Weather Oceans: This morning we have Hurricane Daniel continuing to track westward across the Pacific. The latest forecast will take it south of Hawaii over the next few days when it will begin to weaken. Estimated winds are near 80kts and pressure around 977mb. Hurricane Emilia is to the south of Baja and also should remain over open Eastern Pacific water. It will begin to strengthen over the next few days. Estimated pressure right now is around 987mb with winds around 65kts. In the Western Pacific there are two areas of low pressure. The first one is in the extreme Western Pacific around 30N and 168E. This area currently has estimated winds around 15kts with a pressure near 1010mb. The second system is to the West of the Philippines. It also has an estimated pressure of 1010mb and winds near 15kts. The remainder of the tropics are quiet this morning.

(The following map is courtesy of F-5 data).

Tropics Watch: This morning looking at the Eastern Pacific we can see the water temps were Emilia is between 27-29C which is plenty warm to support the strengthening of the system. While Daniel is beginning to enter cooler waters out by Hawaii were temps are dropping into the 24-26C range.