July 9, 2012

You Can Now Watch Pandas In HD

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

Now, millions of Internet users around the world will be able to check in on the famous U.S. born Tai Shan panda bear.

Explore.org has set up live HD web cams so the world will be able to get their panda fill by looking into what Tai Shan is up to.

Tai Shan became the first Giant Panda born in captivity at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. seven years ago.

Millions of onlookers tuned in to a live online stream of the panda taking his first steps, and the panda will be taking center stage yet again.

Tai Shan is in his new home in China, and viewers can tune in to take a peak at the furry bear, while also getting educated about ways to help replant bamboo forests in China.

Explore.org said it is teaming up with leading conservation agency for Giant Pandas and China Conservation Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP) to launch a $500,000 challenge grant to bring bamboo back to critical areas devastated by a string of mudslides, earthquakes and flooding.

For everyone who "likes" or shares Tai Shan's new live stream, one dollar will be donated to replanting a field that will feed both Giant Pandas at CCRGP, and one of the few remaining wild Panda's left in China.

Pandas International will launch a blog on explore.org that will feature daily updates from China and the organization will utilize the social media comment streams to educate and engage people around the plight of the creatures.

Explore.org said that Giant Pandas are showing signs of growth thanks to support from the Chinese government and the ground breaking work from CCRCGP.

The philanthropic media organization was the first to set up live stream HD video footage of Giant Panda cubs 24 hours a day from CCRCGP on Earth Day 2012. Explore.org said that the site was met with hundreds of emails demanding Tai Shan.

"Everything we do at explore.org is focused on empowering and enriching peoples' lives and the launch of Tai Shan and the bamboo campaign not only gives people a view into the world of a treasured creature, it provides a way for people to feel involved in the proliferation of the species without having to open their wallets," Charles Annenberg Weingarten, Explore.org's founder, said in a press release. "By donating a moment of time, people can take part in something that helps the pandas and others."

Weingarten was in the Wolong Research two years before it was severely damaged by an earthquake in 2008.

"This is the first time the great pandas of CCRCGP will be streamed live to a global audience and we are both excited and deeply honored to bring these incredible creatures to people everywhere," Weingarten said in a press release. "We hope this Pearls of the Planet initiative will not only educate people on the Panda and its environment, but also that it will inspire people to fall in love with the world again."

Those wishing to view the webcams can go to explore.org/pandas.