July 9, 2012

Karakoram Glaciers Buck Global, Regional Trends

Resting in the Karakoram Range between northern Pakistan and western China, the Karakoram glaciers are stumping scientists. Unlike most mountain glaciers, the Karakoram glaciers, which account for 3 percent of the total ice-covered area in the world, excluding Greenland and Antarctica, are not shrinking. On the contrary, a team of French glaciologists has recently confirmed that these glaciers on average have remained stable or may have even grown slightly in recent years.

Although all glacial regions evolve in unique ways, why are these glaciers bucking the global trend? The answer to this question could have major implications for local water supplies and glacial hazards, and could help glaciologists better understand how glaciers react on a regional scale. To find out more, read the story online at http://www.earthmagazine.org/article/karakoram-glaciers-buck-global-regional-trends.


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