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July 12, 2012

Big Story Weather – July 12, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from July 11: Wind damage reports from both Kentucky and South Carolina. Also, another area of storms developed along a frontal boundary that moved through the Dakota´s extending back into Wyoming. There was flooding that spread through the Ohio River valley with strong afternoon storms which extended towards the Mid-Atlantic. Also it is important to point out that thunderstorms can be dangerous from the ground and also from the air, if you are flying remember the rule of the sky which is flying around a thunderstorm will save your life.

Big Story Weather Outlook: Stationary boundary extending from the Carolina´s back westward into Texas will be responsible for showers and thunderstorms again today for places like Atlanta, Dallas and New Orleans. Sunny to partly cloudy skies will be found in the extreme Northeast with high temps in the Buffalo area around the upper 80´s. Showers and thunderstorms will keep it cooler for places like Atlanta where the high temp will hit the lower 80´s. The Central Plains should see a few passing thunderstorms, but for the most part will be dry just like in Topeka where it will be warm with high temps approaching the mid 90´s. A weak frontal boundary will move through the Dakota´s today bringing with it a chance for thunderstorms. The monsoonal trough will be again impacting the Southwest with an increase in cloud cover and showers for the region. Another nice day will be found along the West Coast for places like Seattle with a high of 85 and sunny skies with increasing clouds towards the afternoon.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: Low pressure over Japan with an associated frontal boundary extending westward will bring showers to places like Tokyo and back into Shanghai and southward towards Hong Kong. The Korea´s should remain mostly cloudy with a few passing showers. The monsoonal trough over the Southeast portion of Asia will again bring showers to places like India. Sunny skies and warm temps will be found throughout the Middle East today. Low pressure will again bring showers to places like London and Madrid. High pressure to the far west of Australia will bring partly cloudy skies to the extreme western portion of the region. However, a low pressure located over the Southern portion of Australia will bring showers to regions from the south coast northward into the Northeast portion of the country.

Big Story Weather Oceans: Daniel has been downgraded to a Tropical Depression as it continues to track to the south of the Hawaiian Islands, with an estimated pressure near 1007mb and winds around 30kts. Emilia continues to track across the Pacific as a Hurricane with winds near 95kts and pressure around 966mb. Last night 98E was upgraded to Tropical Depression 6E, and based on the latest satellite imagery, it will probably become a tropical storm later today, with winds estimated around 30kts and pressure at 1003mb. Elsewhere the tropics are quiet today.

(The following map is courtesy of F-5 data).

Tropics Watch: Looking at the Atlantic today we see warm water temps along the Southeast part of the United States due to the Gulf Stream sending warmer waters northward towards the Carolina´s where it then is sent eastward as it runs into the colder current from the north. Looking over along the coast of Africa the water temps range from the 20´s in the north to near 26C towards the central part of the country this is the spot to start watching for tropical development.