3 West Stores LLC Announces the Launch of Their New Web Site, SmokelessCorp.com.

July 12, 2012

The owners of 3 West Stores have a long list of successful internet businesses behind them. With their experience they formed 3West Stores LLC to create consumer driven websites with a key focus on health and better living. Keeping to their focus they launched their new site, SmokelessCorp.com.

(PRWEB) July 12, 2012

SmokelessCorp launched their Electronic Cigarette site to not only provide a superior product but to really bring a life changing product to the masses. It has been noted and documented how traditional cigarettes are loaded with over 4000 toxic chemicals. It’s well known that tobacco cigarettes are addictive, causing cancer among other serious illnesses as well as making any smoker feel like an outcast. What SmokelessCorp.com is doing is providing a revolutionary product that gives the tobacco user the sensation of smoking, the taste of smoking, and the visual of smoke being released without any of the harmful side effects. Since E-cigs don´t give off 2nd hand smoke or smell, more and more people are smoking inside their offices, houses and public areas. No more standing 15 feet from the building in the hot sun anymore“¦ The difference here is that Electronic Cigarettes release water vapor not smoke and odor. E-Cigs have low doses of Nicotine for the tobacco smoker that still wants the Nicotine but none of the 4000 toxins that are in traditional cigarettes.

With any new products comes innovation and an ever changing product landscape. When asked how SmokelessCorp.com plans to keep up COO Todd Williams states, “As our business continues to grow we will continue to look for new products, flavors and kits. New products are the life blood of any growing company. We currently launched with 3 brands, Vapor King, Storm and Amerismoke. We offer inexpensive disposable E-cigs for our customers that just want to kick the tires and see what it´s all about. We are confident our customers will be so pleased they will come back to get a starter kit and start picking from dozens of E-liquid flavors.”

3 West Stores CTO adds, “We have designed our Electronic Cigarette site to really focus on the user experience making it as easy and quick as possible to navigate and find exactly what the customer needs. We are confident out site will allow customers to be better informed about smokeless cigarettes so they can make an intelligent buying and life-changing decision.”

In the past year 3West has done a great job marketing their products as well as put the word out about the health benefits that switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes will have. “We have put up videos, contributed to blogs and written articles about the health benefits that our products offer. When a smoker tries our products they will taste, feel and believe they are smoking a cigarette because all the motions, tastes and feeling are there. Not only are the products at smokelesscorp.com healthier than tobacco cigarettes they are also less expensive,” says CMO Mike Gasik. “One Electronic Cigarette will last you as long as an entire pack of traditional cigarettes. Now if you get the starter kits with the rechargeable E-Cigs then you get to keep reusing your Electronic Cigarette. You just change out the E-liquid of your choice. The health benefits as well as pocket book benefits should be enough to switch everyone over to our products,” continues Mr. Gasik.

SmokelessCorp.com is easier to navigate than most of the other sites in the smokeless category. “We have a lot of experience making sites more user friendly and to the point. We want SmokelessCorp.com customers to find what they want right away, order and check out as quickly as possible. Internet shoppers are much savvier now-a-days so you really need to make a site that complements the customer´s expectations. We wanted our site to show our products, narrow down the flavor choices in a very seamless manor. We also cater to new customers by detailing the benefits of Electronic Cigarettes so they can make a more informed decision”, states Mr. Williams.

About 3 West Stores, Owner of SmokelessCorp.com

Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, 3West Stores owns one of the leading online destinations for Electronic Cigarettes, E-liquid, cartridges and accessories. SmokelessCorp.com focuses on having a robust selection while providing a low cost and healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes to its valued customers. All 3 West Stores web stores guarantee low pricing, wide selections and a superior products. To get more information, please visit http://www.smokelesscorp.com

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