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July 17, 2012

Big Story Weather – July 17, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from July 16: Yesterday we saw damaging winds and storms spread through Virginia and the Carolina´s along with a pocket of storms back in the Northwest portion of South Dakota. Also, a few isolated wind and hail reports were found in the Southwest portion of the United States. The largest hail was recorded in Arizona and the strongest winds came from South Dakota. The heat hit the middle section of the country with multiple places breaking the 100 degree mark.

Big Story Weather Outlook for July 17: A few showers will begin to move into the Northeast today in places such as Portland Maine, Also look for a few passing clouds in the Mid-Atlantic as temps near the 90 degree mark. The southeast will see afternoon thunderstorms again with the heating of the day pushing near the mid 90´s for places like Gulfport MS. Low pressure moving through the mid-section of the US will bring a few thunderstorms, some of which may become strong with gusty winds. Also, the heat will be in place for locations such as Topeka that may approach close to 100 today. The monsoonal trough will be in place over the Southwest United States providing a few thunderstorms to Arizona. The heat will also be in place for this region with places like Santa Fe seeing temps approaching the 100 degree mark. The Pacific Northwest will be dealing with a few passing showers today for places like Seattle. High pressure will impact most of Southern Alaska with partly cloudy skies.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: Southern Japan and into the Korea´s along with the immediate northeast coast of China will see the impacts of Tropical Storm Khanan which will be moving towards the region this afternoon, bringing with it heavy rain and gusty winds. The monsoonal trough will be impacting the majority of Southeast Asia today with heavy rain likely. A thermally induced low will be found over the Middle East bringing with it a few clouds and plenty of heat. High pressure will ridge into Spain and France bringing with it partly cloudy skies, while a weak low pressure moves towards England which will bring an increase in clouds and showers to London. Low pressure moving towards the Southern tip of South America will bring showers and stronger winds to the region. High pressure moving in from the West will impact the majority of Australia with the exception being the Northeastern portion of the region which will be dealing with a few showers.

Big Story Weather Oceans: This morning we have Fabio which has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm and will continue to weaken as it moves northward over the next 24hrs. Currently winds are estimated at 45kts with a pressure of 996mb. In the Western Pacific we find Khanun which is a tropical storm moving just to the north of Okinawa this morning with winds near 50kts and higher gust along with heavy rain in the region. Estimated pressure is around 985mb. Also in the Western Pacific 92W has developed which has winds estimated near 15kts and pressure around 1010mb.

(The following map is courtesy of F-5 data).

ENSO Watch: The Eastern Pacific continues to show signs of warming. As of today we remain in the Neutral phase with a 60% of seeing EL-Nino starting towards the September time period. This morning we can see the 28-29C temps slowly shifting towards the Central America coastline, also along the coast of Peru this morning temps are still running about 1-2 degrees above normal.