Shocker: Squids Are Tired After 3-hour Sex Session
July 18, 2012

Shocker: Squid Get Tired After 3-hour Sex Session

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Pity the University of Melbourne researchers, they just spent plenty of valuable time documenting what should have been common sense to anyone with eyes and any experience in the bedroom: A 3-hour long sex session can be very tiring, particularly to the Dumpling Squid.

Perhaps the most amorous underwater creature, Dumpling Squid engage in coitus for close to 3 hours before calling the deed done.

University of Melbourne researchers carefully studied these mating sessions – in the name of science, mind you – and discovered the squids become so tired, they aren´t able to swim for up to 30 minutes after.

According to the University of Melbourne website, this research “provides new insight into the evolution of reproductive strategies and behaviors.”

The ever-so-voyeuristic research team studied Dumpling Squid in Southern Australia waters, including Port Phillip Bay and Tasmania.

According to the research, the Dumpling Squids mate in much the same way humans do: Whenever the opportunity arises. The team obviously watched very carefully, explaining the Squid coitus in great detail. Both the male and female squids will change color as they engage in slippery cuddling, changing from a “sandy yellow,” to a very randy purple with green and orange highlights. The squids also emit a cloud of ink to hide their shame from predators or nosey, Australian researchers.

Amanda Franklin, Master of Sciences student and co-author of the corresponding scientific paper, (which no doubt reads more like a slimy erotica novel) said squid mating was once thought to be “trivial” in terms of the energy spent to seal the deal, much to the chagrin of male squids everywhere.

To test this notion, the team collected squids and made them swim against a current of water in their labs. The researchers then gave them the “opportunity” to mate with other Dumpling Squids. Three hours later, the team then removed the squids from one another´s tentacled embrace and made them swim again. To their surprise, the squids were pooped after their period of marathon-style love making.

Ms. Franklin explained the incredibly obvious results, “We found that after mating, both male and female dumpling squid took up to thirty minutes to recover to their previous swimming ability,” said Ms. Franklin.

“This suggested that the squid were suffering from temporary muscle fatigue.”

Ms. Franklin then said they had expected the males to be tired after the hours of holding their partners down underwater as they exhibit the motion of the ocean. To their surprise, the females were also tired after being held down and forced to engage in amorous activities for 3 hours. Science can be so surprising sometimes.

Ms. Franklin wrote, “Dumpling squid live for less than a year, and may engage in the energetic activity of mating many times within their short breeding period. This reproductive strategy may have other costs to individuals besides energy loss and we have investigated this further by assessing the effect of mating on female lifespan. We´re hoping to report the results of this experiment very soon.”

In other news, scientists have found that it still hurts whenever they do this.