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July 19, 2012

Big Story Weather – July 19, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from July 18: The day provided for plenty of severe weather from tornadoes to large hail. A few sites are being evaluated by the NWS for potential tornado damage. As of this morning there were 2 tornadoes reported along the Southeast Coast of Georgia and in the Northwest region of Nebraska, with the NWS evaluating today this list may grow. Hail reports were numbered in the 80 plus range with the largest hail reported in the Northeast. Many locations saw hail larger than 1.5 inches in diameter. Wind reports were numerous, encompassing the majority of the Northeast and also back into the Southeast, with a few reports stretching the entire Northern Gulf Coast. Wind damage also extended back westward along the Great Lakes region of Chicago and Wisconsin along with reports in Iowa.

Big Story Weather Outlook for July 19: The extreme Northeast will have a very nice day with temps in the lower 80´s and partly cloudy skies for places like Boston. The low pressure system will begin to move into the Ohio River valley bringing with it thunderstorms from Ohio and Illinois eastward to the Mid-Atlantic Region. Expect to see thunderstorms and temps in the lower 90´s for places like Raleigh NC. The entire southeast along with the Gulf Coast will be dealing with afternoon thunderstorms again today. Houston will see afternoon thunderstorms with a high near 90. The west will be dry and very warm today as places like Billings, Montana could be seeing temps in the upper 90´s. The Southwest will have a few more clouds as the remains of Fabio push towards the Baja bringing with it extensive cloud cover and a few passing showers to the Baja. Look for partly cloudy skies early giving way to overnight showers in the Portland area with highs in the upper 80´s.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: Low pressure moving to the east of Japan will bring showers to the eastern coastline of Japan from Tokyo southward into Kumamoto which is still dealing with last weekend´s devastating floods. The Korea´s will also be dealing with rain today the remains of Khanun will be impacting the region. The monsoonal trough will be strong throughout Southeast Asia. Partly cloudy skies will extend back into the Middle East. A frontal boundary extending through Western Europe will bring showers and thunderstorms to places like France, Spain and eastward.  London will enjoy a partly cloudy day as they are in between fronts. High pressure from the west is beginning to move into Australia influencing the entire continent with partly cloudy skies and cool temps for the southern portion.

Big Story Weather Oceans: This morning we have just a few passing clouds left on Fabio as it is over the colder waters and should slowly drift towards the Baja. Winds are estimated to be around 25kts and pressure near 1009mb. In the Western Pacific, Khanun moved on shore over Korea within the last 24hrs bringing torrential rains to South Korea. It has since dissipated. Elsewhere in the Western Pacific 92W continues to track towards the Philippines with estimated winds near 15kts and pressure near 1006mb.

(The following map is courtesy of F-5 data).

Tropics Watch: Fabio has weakened greatly as it continues to push northward into some very cold waters. Looking at the map we can see temps are between 18-22C along the coastline then a rapid warming occurs right beside the Baja, however that is not enough time for any restrengthening of the system expect to see  Fabio dissipate completely within the next 24-36hrs.