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July 20, 2012

Big Story Weather – July 20, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from July 19: Yesterday was a busy day in the wind department, with well over 100 damaging wind reports from places like Central South Dakota, Northern North Dakota, Kentucky and also the Ohio River Valley region. Many locations recorded winds in excess of 60mph. The remainder of the wind reports were scattered throughout the Southeast and back into the Southern Plains along a frontal boundary.  Hail reports of 1.75 inches were reported in North Dakota and also Kentucky. There were no reported tornadoes yesterday. The other big story is the heat that continues to hit the Central US with multiple heat advisories and warnings in place again for today.

Big Story Weather Outlook for July 20: Another great day for the Northeast as places like Boston will have high temps in the lower 70´s with partly cloudy skies. Low pressure through the Mid-Atlantic along with the associated frontal boundary will bring thunderstorms from the Mid-Atlantic back southward into the Southeast along with heavy rain in the Gulf Coast region again today for places like Jackson MS along with a high of 94. Another frontal boundary setting up over the Northern Plains will be the site of today´s big severe weather event later in the afternoon into the evening. Look for places like Omaha seeing a high near 87. The Southern Plains should remain dry for places like Dallas, which will see partly cloudy skies and a high near 99. The monsoonal season will continue to bring showers to the southwest today. Look for a nice day along the majority of the West Coast such as places like San Diego where the high will be in the mid 80´s. Showers will begin to move onshore in the Pacific Northwest.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: Low pressure moving up the eastern seaboard of Japan will bring showers to the Tokyo region today. Look for a few showers to also extend back into the Korea´s and Eastern China. The monsoonal trough is kicking quite well today for a vast majority of Southeast Asia. High pressure will bring dry and warm conditions to the Middle East. Low pressure beginning to move in from the southwest of London will create showers for London and back into Spain and France today.  High pressure will be in control for the majority of Australia bringing partly cloudy skies from west to east.

Big Story Weather Oceans: Fabio has pretty much dissipated and is no longer an impact in the tropics. That leaves us one location of concern this morning located just to the Northeast of the Philippines were 92W is located. 92W is forecasted to become a tropical depression within the next 24-36 hours as current winds are estimated around 20kts with a pressure near 1003mb. Elsewhere the tropics are quiet today.

(The following map is courtesy of F-5 data).

Tropics Watch: This morning we look over into the Atlantic now that we are in the mid-season of the tropics. It remains quiet in the region this morning. Looking at the temps we can see the 28C extends all the way from the Gulf of Mexico eastward to the Central Atlantic. The biggest concern we have right now is the combination of dust from Africa and stronger upper level winds keeping a lid on the tropics right now. This could be another indicator that our EL-Nino is really starting to take shape.

Climate Watch for July 20, 2012:

Everyone is talking about how our climate is changing to a warmer period. We are now going to start monitoring it by taking a look at 5 destinations a day to see what their past week trends have been leaning towards. Climate Watch will evaluate the city´s actual high versus what they should be seeing for this time of year.

Boston, Mass. saw an above normal week in the temperature department, with the exception being July 19 when they came in 8 degrees below average, while on July 17 they were 15 degrees above normal.

Jackson, Mississippi saw a below normal start to the period with temps being 4 degrees below normal followed by a warming trend of 2-4 degrees above normal.

Omaha, Nebraska has been baking for the past few days with temps ranging from 8-11 degrees above normal for the entire period observed.

Dallas, Texas started out below average followed by a slow warming period where temps are now about 4-6 degrees above normal.

San Diego, Calif. has been cool for the first part of the period followed by July 18 where they saw temps 5 degrees above normal, followed by a return to average on the 19th.