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July 23, 2012

Big Story Weather – July 23, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from July 20-22: Friday proved to be a fairly active day for severe weather with well over 80 damaging wind reports along with 30+ hail reports. The strongest winds were found in the Montana region. The largest hail was found in Western Oregon, Washington and parts of Idaho. Saturday brought one single tornado report in the far northwest portion of North Dakota along with many wind damage reports in Eastern Texas and more isolated reports in South Dakota, Arizona and North Carolina. On Sunday there were multiple isolated reports throughout the country, however, most of the concentrated area of severe weather occurred in Southern North Dakota and Northern South Dakota.

Big Story Weather Outlook for July 23: Low pressure in the Northern Great Lakes will bring with it showers and thunderstorms from the Northeast all the way back into the Gulf Coast region. A tropical wave moving across Florida will bring some heavy rain to places like Miami and Orlando where the high temps will be in the lower 80´s. New York City will see thunderstorms and temps also in the lower 80´s today. High pressure will be in place over the very dry Plains section creating another warm and dry day for places like Topeka where the high temps will be in the mid 90´s. Also warm and dry air will be in place over the Inner mountain west for places like Billings which will see partly cloudy skies and temps in the upper 90´s to possibly the lower 100´s for some places.  With the exception of the Southwest the remainder of the West Coast will see a nice day with partly cloudy skies and high temps for places like Los Angeles in the mid 80´s.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: High pressure will bring partly cloudy skies to places like Tokyo and westward back into the Korea´s. Typhoon Vicente is creating a large impact in the Hong Kong Region with gusty winds and very heavy rainfall.  Typhoon Vicente is forecasted to make landfall with the right front quadrant impacting Hong Kong. The monsoonal trough will continue to bring rain to places like India and the majority of Southeast Asia.  High pressure over the Middle East will bring very dry and hot conditions to the region. Interaction between high pressure over the Alps and an approaching low, which is well west of England, will bring partly cloudy skies to the region of England and also into France and Spain. High pressure will dominate the majority of South America with partly cloudy skies form east to west. Australia will also be under the influence of high pressure which is going to bring partly cloudy skies from east to west.

Big Story Weather Oceans for July 23, 2012: Typhoon Vicente continues to track towards the Hong Kong region bringing with it very strong winds and heavy rain. Estimated pressure is near 974mb with winds around 65kts with higher gusts. This storm is forecast to move on shore over the next 24-36 hours putting Hong Kong in the right front quad of the storm. In the Eastern Pacific there is 90E which is showing signs of development over the next 24-36 hours as it currently has winds estimated near 25kts and pressure around 1008mb. In the Gulf of Mexico sitting over top of Florida is an easterly wave that has been supporting organized thunderstorms over Florida this past weekend. It will continue to drift towards the Gulf of Mexico over the next few days and there is a slight chance of tropical development within this region. Elsewhere the tropics are quiet today.

(The following map is courtesy of F-5 data).

Tropics Watch: Looking at the water temps over the Gulf of Mexico, they are ranging from 28-29C with a small pocket of 30C in the South-Central portion of the Gulf. The area that is coming off of Florida these next couple of days will have plenty of warm water to work with, however, it will still need to keep an eye on the upper level winds also with this system.

Climate Watch for July 23, 2012

Everyone is talking about how our climate is changing to a warmer period. We are now going to start monitoring it by taking a look at 5 destinations a day to see what their past week trends have been leaning towards. Climate Watch will evaluate the city´s actual high versus what they should be seeing for this time of year.

New York City started the period off with temps 15 above normal, then a frontal boundary moved through the area leaving it with temps 8-13 below normal on average for the remainder of the period.

Orlando, Florida started off about 2 degrees below normal then went 1-3 degree above normal finishing July 22 at normal.

Topeka, Kansas has been well above average for the entire period with temps ranging from 10-18degrees above average for the entire period.

Billings, Montana is also sitting above normal for the past week with temps ranging from 3-12 degrees above normal for this time period.

Los Angeles, California started out the period below normal then had a sudden warm up which put them 12 degrees above normal followed by a 2 degree above normal day then by July 21 the temps were normal followed by 4 degrees below normal yesterday.