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July 27, 2012

Big Story Weather – July 27, 2012

Big Story Weather from July 26: The frontal boundary shifted a tad bit further east and was responsible for plenty of severe weather yesterday, as we had tornado reports in Southern New York along with hail reports from New York southward back into Ohio. Also a few hail reports also came out of Iowa. The major impact from this frontal boundary was the winds which extended from New York all the way south back into Texas and Oklahoma. A second area of strong winds developed into Georgia and portions of Northern Florida. The heat also continued for portions of the plains along with the Southeast with many places seeing temps in the upper 90´s to low 100´s with heat index values near 110.

Big Story Weather Outlook for July 27: The frontal boundary will be a large impact again today in the weather bringing with it thunderstorms - some strong too severe - from the Gulf Coast all the way up into the Mid-Atlantic region as the low pressure system has moved off shore. However, the trailing front will be in place again today. Expect to see heavy rain and also hail, though not too many tornadoes will be seen today. The northeast will have a nice day as the front moves through the region, also improving conditions for places like Cincinnati where high temps will be in the lower 80´s under partly cloudy skies. Look for thunderstorms in the New Orleans area with a high of 92. Also thunderstorms will plaque the remainder of the Southeast today. High pressure moving in over the Northern Plains will bring a very nice day to places like Sioux City with a high of 80. The west will be warm in the mountains as highs soar back into the lower to mid 90´s for places like Salt Lake and also heat index values will be in the 100´s for these places. The West coast will have a nice cool day for places like San Diego with a high in the lower 80´s.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: Low pressure with an associated frontal boundary will bring showers to Japan and also back into the Korea´s. India and Pakistan will be dealing with the monsoonal moisture again today. High pressure will be dominating Western Europe along with the Middle East bringing partly cloudy skies to the region.  Low pressure will bring scattered showers to England along with France and Spain. High pressure will influence the weather along the West Coast of South America bringing a very nice winter day to the region and also Australia will see nice conditions as high pressure has shifted into the region.

Big Story Weather Oceans for July 27, 2012: Two new areas of concern formed over the past 24 hours. The first is an area north of Guam in the Western Pacific. This area will probably be a tropical system in the next 24-36 hours as current winds are estimated to be around 20kts and pressure near 1007mb. The second area of new development is in the Eastern Atlantic in regards to a wave that pushed off of Africa a few days ago. This morning, convection is starting to return to the southern portion of the circulation, this area is still is weakly put together but does need to be watched.

(The following map is courtesy of F-5 data).

Tropics Watch: We are watching the Atlantic closely as that new area of circulation is beginning to develop off the coast of Africa and will make its ways west-northwestward through plenty of warmer waters. It will also be dealing with the African Dust that is coming off shore and pushing along the southern portion of the Bermuda High over the next few days before taking a more westerly turn around the high.

Climate Watch for the period of July 22-26

Taking a look at the past five days and how each location compared to their normal conditions.

Cincinnati OH: Started the period out about 7 degrees above normal and continued to warm until the 25th when they hit 14 degrees above normal and then fell slightly on the 26th to near 10 degrees above normal.

Sioux City IA: Hot is the best way to describe this area as temps have been running 12-20 degrees above normal for this time period.

New Orleans LA: Typical summer weather patterns with high temps above or below normal by 1-2 degrees.

Salt Lake City UT: Started warmer on the 22nd and then went through a three day period of below temps near 2-6 degrees, followed by a 6 degree  above day on the 26th.

San Diego CA: Below normal through the entire period ranging from 1-3 degrees below normal.