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July 30, 2012

Big Story Weather – July 30, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

TROPICAL UPDATE: 1:00PM CDT Tropical Update

This afternoon as we look across the Western Pacific we continue to see Typhoon Saola turn its way just off the coast of Taiwan and make its way slowly northwest towards mainland China. The northwest section of Taiwan to include the city of Taipei can expect to continue seeing heavy rain along with strong winds as the estimated winds are around 65kts with higher gust.

Tropical Storm Damrey continues tracking towards Southern Japan with estimated winds around 45kts. This storm's northern section should scrape the island of Kyushu with heavy rain and also winds around tropical storm force will be possible.

There are two spots in addition to the two storms above that continue turning in the Pacific with both areas having the potential to intensify over the next 24hrs becoming yet more named storms for the Western Pacific.

This afternoon the Atlantic is dealing with a tropical wave that is now impacting the Windward and Leeward Islands this wave will bring heavy rain and stronger winds to the region as its forecasted to slowly start moving towards Puerto Rico over the next day or so.

The second area in the Atlantic is a bit further south and east in the center of the Atlantic this storm is beginning to show enhanced convection along with some strengthening over the morning hours. This area could very well become our next named tropical system in the Atlantic within the next 2-3 days.

Big Story Weather from July 27-29: Friday saw a large area of damaging winds extending from the Great Lakes southward into the Southeastern part of the United States. There was also another stronger cluster of thunderstorms producing damaging winds which occurred in Western South Dakota. On Saturday there was one reported tornado in Colorado. The stronger thunderstorms also produced damaging winds along the frontal boundary from New York/New Jersey southward into the Southeast. A second area of thunderstorms with hail and damaging winds occurred in the Western portion of the Dakotas. Sunday brought most of the intense thunderstorms to the Florida area as two reported tornadoes occurred in the region. Also a large area of damaging winds occurred through South Carolina, along with a pocket back in Western Missouri, and then isolated cases of wind and hail were found in the Northern Plains.

Big Story Weather Outlook for July 30: A frontal boundary will extend through the Great Lakes and into the Northeast bringing with it showers and thunderstorms for places like New York City where the high temps will hit the upper 70´s. A stationary boundary extending through the extreme Southeast will bring thunderstorms to places from the Carolina´s back southward into Florida and along the Gulf Coast. Some of these storms will be severe today with damaging winds and large hail. Places like Orlando will see afternoon thunderstorms with a high in the upper 80´s. Westward into Gulfport MS the region will see afternoon thunderstorms along with a Heat Advisory with heat index values in the 105-110 range. A fairly tranquil day will be found throughout the Northern Plains as temps rise into the mid 80´s for places like Sioux Falls. Also look for isolated thunderstorms to develop in the Denver Metro area as high´s will rise into the lower 80´s for the area. The West Coast will see another warm and dry day from Seattle to San Diego.

Big Story Weather International Outlook:
Tropical Storm Damrey will bring extensive cloudiness and scattered showers to Southern Japan today, while Typhoon Saola will bring heavy rain and strong winds to the Philippines and also into the Taipei region. A frontal boundary extending from the Korea´s southward into Eastern China will bring cloudy conditions with scattered showers to the area. High pressure will impact Eastern Europe and into the Middle East bringing for dry and warm conditions throughout the region. An area of Low pressure will be moving towards London making for another wet day at the Olympics.  Southern South America will see a frontal boundary move through the region bringing with it showers and thunderstorms.  High pressure will dominate the majority of Australia today bringing with it partly cloudy skies.

Big Story Weather Oceans for July 30, 2012: This morning is one of the busiest days that we have had in the tropics this summer as things are starting to heat up from the Pacific to the Atlantic. The first place is 90C which is located to the Southeast of Hawaii. This area will develop slowly as of this morning it had winds near 25kts and an estimated pressure near 1010mb. The second is a wave in the Atlantic located near the Windward Islands bringing extensive showers and thunderstorms to this region. This morning it had an estimated pressure near 1010mb and winds near 20kts. Another area further east is 99L which this morning has an estimated pressure near 1010mb along with winds near 20kts. This area is showing signs of further development over the next 24 hours.

The Western Pacific today is very active as we start with Typhoon Saola which is located between the Northern Philippines and Taipei, the winds are estimated around 65kts and a pressure of 974mb. This storm will continue to track towards Taipei and then slowly move towards Eastern China. The second area is Tropical Storm Damrey which is located near the island of Iwo To Japan. This storm has winds estimated around 45kts with a pressure center near 989mb. This storm is forecasted to move towards Southern Japan bringing impacts to the island of Kyushu.  The third area of concern is near 2.6N and 155E this area has an estimated pressure near 1010mb and winds around 15kts. The final location is located near 5N and 145E which has an estimated pressure of 1010mb and winds near 15kts this area has a good chance of strengthening over the next 24hrs.

Climate Watch for the period of July 22-26

Taking a look at the past five days and how each location compared to their normal conditions.

New York City: The 25th marked an average day for high temps in the region, while the 26th the temps rose to 9 degrees above average, followed by 4 degrees above and then the 28th and 29th the temps dropped to 5-6 below average.

Orlando FL: The past five days have been between 2-3 degrees above normal for the region.

Gulfport MS: The 25th and 26th the region seen temps about 2-3 degrees above normal followed by an average day on the 27th, with a 1 degree above average 28th and 29th.

Sioux Falls SD: Started the period being 11degrees above normal slowly dropping to near average on the 27th followed by a below average day of 3 degrees on the 28th and then the 29th returned  to 7 degrees above normal.

Denver CO: The 25th was marked with average temps, followed by a gradual warming period through the remainder of the time with temps being 3-7 degrees above average from the 26th through the 29th.