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July 31, 2012

Big Story Weather – July 31, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from July 30: The heat was found in the Southeast and Gulf Coast region yesterday. Many places got into the upper 90´s to low 100´s with heat index values near 108-112. Along with the humidity, this made for really slow going Monday. Overnight a huge mesoscale convective system (MCS) developed on the eastern side of the ridge and began moving southward into the AL/GA area overnight bringing with it heavy rain and damaging straight line winds. The wind and hail was found from the Illinois and Indiana border southward into Georgia and Alabama/Florida panhandle. Also an area of severe weather developed near the Carolina´s which was responsible for two isolated tornado reports.

Big Story Weather Outlook for July 31: The frontal boundary will shift eastward today and be near the Great Lakes and Northeast region bringing scattered showers to that region. Eastern places like Boston will enjoy a nice day with high temps in the lower 70´s. The Southeast and Gulf Coast region will be dealing with the heat and thunderstorms again today as heat index values for places like Mobile AL will reach the 100-105 range with afternoon thunderstorms. A heat low will develop over the Southern plains today which will help enhance the heat for the Southern Plains as temps will rise into the mid 90´s for places like Kansas City. Partly cloudy skies will prevail from the Rockies westward with the exception being in the Southwest were a few passing thunderstorms may develop, otherwise expect partly cloudy skies and temps in the mid 90´s for Denver cooling to the lower 70´s for places like Seattle and southward along the Pacific coast.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: Tropical Storm Damrey will continue to move towards Southern Japan and the island of Kyushu bringing with it heavy rain and strong gale force winds. Also Typhoon Saola continues to track towards Taipei and bringing with it very heavy rain and winds in excess of 65kts for many places through Northern Taiwan. The monsoonal trough will be in place over India and Pakistan today bringing with it plenty of rain. High pressure will be in control of the weather from Spain all the way back into Germany giving way to partly cloudy skies in the region. Another area of low pressure continues to track towards England bringing with it cloudy skies and scattered showers to the Olympics. High pressure over Southeast Australia will bring partly cloudy skies to the majority of the country.

Big Story Weather Oceans for July 31, 2012: Starting in the Western Pacific with Typhoon Saola which continues to impact Taiwan with very heavy rain and squally weather along with winds reaching near 65kts for places like Taipei. The latest information on this storm is winds near 65kts with an estimated pressure of 974mb.

The second area is called Tropical Storm Damrey which is to the southeast of mainland Japan and will continue to track westward towards the island of Kyushu impacting cities such as Kagoshima, portions of Nagasaki with strong winds and heavy rain over the next 36hrs. The latest information is that winds are near 45kts along with pressure of 989mb.

Into the Atlantic we find our tropical wave still moving slowly westward and today it is now over Puerto Rico bringing heavy rain and stronger winds to the region, this feature will continue to slowly drift towards the West-Northwest; however it is not forecasted to strengthen much more.

The second area in the Atlantic is 99L which is now located to the Southwest of the Cape Verde Islands and is starting to get better organized this morning. This storm will continue to slowly gain strength and move west-northwestward towards the Windward and Leeward Islands than on towards Puerto Rico, possibly becoming a tropical storm by then. For anyone that lives from Florida over to Texas needs to keep an eye on this system.

Climate Watch for the period of July 26-30

Taking a look at the past five days and how each location compared to their normal conditions.

The overall summary supports that it´s been staying cooler in the Northeast and also a trend that the Northwest has been dealing with for a good part of the last month cooler than normal, while the middle and southeast are dealing with the warmer than normal temps.

Boston MA: The 26th provided a 2degree above normal day, otherwise the rest of the period the temps have been running between 3-9 degrees below normal.

Mobile AL: The temps have been pretty close to average only running 1-4 degrees above normal and even at normal for the 27th.

Kansas City MO: The heat has been on as temps started the 26th at 6 degrees above normal and have been staying that way as on the 29th temps reached 16 degrees above normal, however yesterday they were back to only 1 degree above normal.

Denver CO: The temps have been running about 3-7 degrees above normal for the entire period of the 26th through the 30th.

Seattle WA: It has been sunny and cool for the region as temps are between 5-10 degrees below normal for this time of year.