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August 2, 2012

Big Story Weather – August 2, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Afternoon Tropical Update for Aug 2, 2012: Good Afternoon, as we continue through this hurricane season we have seen things really quiet over the months of June and July. However, August looks like it´s going to bring changes. The images below depict the current satellite imagery and also the spaghetti plot models of our Tropical Depression. It is important to remember that this system is still early in its developing stages. The storm is forecasted to intensify into a tropical storm within the next 24hrs. As the storm continues to develop and start taking on more shape we will be able to start pinning down tracks that the storm may take.

“Spaghetti Plots are used for meteorologist to get a feel of how all our weather models are handling certain weather features, very commonly they are used during tropical weather to show tracking of storms.

The Atlantic is waking up and we are currently watching a Tropical Depression that is situated in the South Central Atlantic moving towards the Windward Islands.

1200PM CDT Storm Info: Winds are estimated around 30mph with a sea level pressure of 1008mb.


Big Story Weather from August 1: Yesterday we saw a waterspout in the Virginia area make a brief stop onshore, creating a tornado that caused some damage. There were also multiple damaging wind reports from Arkansas eastward into Virginia. A second area of storms occurred in South Dakota along with Southern Minnesota. There was some rain that fell with these storms which was greatly appreciated by the farmers in this region, however, it was only a small amount. The Southeast spent another day baking in the sun with temps in the 90-100F range along with Heat Index values in the 100-110 range.

Big Story Weather for August 2: Tropical Depression 5 has formed and will continue to head towards Puerto Rico over the next few days. A frontal boundary will continue to drape across the Northeast bringing with it scattered showers/thunderstorms to places like Boston and Buffalo NY. Places like New York City will see partly cloudy skies with highs in the upper 80´s. The Southeast will be dealing with the heat and thunderstorms again today as places like Atlanta will see high temps in the lower 90´s with afternoon thunderstorms. Also look for a few lagging thunderstorms back into the Great Lakes for places like Chicago where the high temps will be in the upper 80´s. High pressure begins to move in towards the Northern Plains bringing nice weather to places like Fargo where the high temps will be in the lower 80´s along with partly cloudy skies. The West will be nice again today with the exception being that the monsoon rains will be impacting places in Arizona and New Mexico. Otherwise nice weather up the West Coast for places like San Diego where the high temps will be in the Mid 80´s.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: Typhoon Damrey is beginning to make its way onshore in the China region north of Shanghai China, while Tropical Storm Saola has made landfall near Taipei Taiwan and will now begin tracking towards China. The two tropical systems will make for a wet day from Shanghai all the way southward into Hong Kong. Japan and the Korea´s will be dealing with partly cloudy skies. The monsoonal trough will be creating moderate rain for places like India and Pakistan again today. High pressure will be in control from Western Europe into Eastern Europe and parts of the Middle East bringing partly cloudy skies to the region. Low pressure will continue to hang around London and the Olympics bringing with it mostly cloudy skies and a few pesky showers. Partly cloudy skies will prevail for the majority of Australia today with the exception being near Perth were a cold front will drape through the area bringing the chance of showers and thunderstorms to the area.

Big Story Oceans for August 1, 2012: Today, Typhoon Damrey is making its way to a landfall just north of Shanghai China bringing with it very strong winds and heavy rain along with storm surge to the region, estimated winds are near 75kts with higher gust and also the pressure is near 967mb.

Tropical Storm Saola made landfall near Taipei Taiwan and is now on track towards Eastern China to make another landfall. Heavy rains and strong winds impacted a large portion of Taiwan with this storm. Estimated winds are now near 45kts and pressure up to 989mb.

Another area of low pressure is getting better organized southeast of Iwo To Japan and is forecasted to make it into Tropical storm strength within the next 48hrs. Estimated pressure is around 1007mb with wind of 20kts.

This morning in the Atlantic we are watching the newly formed TD#5 which is to the east of the Windward Islands and slowly tracking westward. TD#5 should become a tropical storm later today. The estimated winds are near 30kts with a pressure of around 1008mb. This storm is going to make its way towards Puerto Rico and then enter into the Southern Gulf of Mexico by early next week. People from Brownsville Texas eastward into the Florida Panhandle need to watch this storm closely over the next week or so for possible left track shifts or east track shifts depending on the strength of the Bermuda High.

Climate Watch for the period of July 28- August 1: Taking a look at the past five days and how each location compared to their normal conditions.

The past five days have been trending to a warmer Southeast again and also maintaining the cooler weather in the West Coast region along with the Northeast.

New York NY: Below average temps through the entire 5 day period with the temps averaging 5-7 degrees below normal.

Atlanta GA: Has seen temps ranging from 5-8 degrees above normal, with the exception being the 31st were the temps were actually 1 degree below normal.

Chicago IL: Temps have been cooler this past week than over the summer, with average temps being about 5-8 degrees above normal now.

Fargo ND: Temps have been kept near normal finally as they are only 1-4 degrees above.

San Diego CA: The cool summer continues as temps have been running 2-4 degrees below normal for the region.