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August 3, 2012

Big Story Weather – August 3, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from August 2: The heat continued to hit the Southern Plains and southeast as temps were back over the 90-100 range with heat index values near 105-110 for many places. The severe weather hit in three different locations. First was the Carolina´s extending back towards Florida. This region was hit with large hail and damaging winds. The second region was up in the Northern Plains of South Dakota and Nebraska where 2 tornadoes were reported in the Western portion of the state. A third spot was found up in Maine/Massachusetts region where hail and wind were reported. The Metro Atlanta area was also hit with a fast moving storm that left the area drenched. There were also numerous reports of trees down in and around the city.

Big Story Weather Outlook for August 3: Tropical Storm Ernesto has formed just to the east of the Windward Islands and will continue to move towards the Gulf of Mexico by early next week. A staggering cold front will bring showers and thunderstorms to the Northeast today. Places like Baltimore will enjoy a partly cloudy and warm day as temps rise to the upper 80´s. Thunderstorms will again develop in the Southeast through the afternoon for places like Gulfport MS were high temps will also be near the mid 90´s. A low pressure system will move through the Northern Plains today bringing with it showers and thunderstorms bringing some much needed rain to this region. Places like the Twin Cities will see highs in the mid 80´s with thunderstorms towards the afternoon. The Southwest will see the monsoonal rains continue for a good portion of the region from Arizona and New Mexico northward into Colorado into places like Denver where they will see a high near 92 with afternoon thunderstorms. The West Coast is mild and dry again today with temps in the lower 80´s for places like Seattle.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: Both tropical systems have arrived into the Eastern China area bringing heavy rain and strong winds. Another tropical system has developed out near Iwo To Japan and will also begin moving westward.  Low pressure to the West of the Korea´s will bring partly cloudy skies to the region extending eastward into Japan. The monsoonal rains of India and Pakistan will be in place again today. High pressure will impact Spain and France with partly cloudy skies, while the Low pressure continues to bring cloudy skies and rain showers to England again today. An area of Low pressure is beginning to move south of Australia, bringing the associated frontal boundary through the central part of Australia with showers and thunderstorms.

Big Story Oceans for August 3, 2012: Tropical Storm Damrey and Saola are both moving onshore this morning over Eastern China bringing very strong winds and heavy rain to the regions of impact. Damrey has winds around 55kts with a pressure of 982mb as it moves onshore, while Saola has winds near 45kts and a pressure of 989mb as it moves onshore. A new Tropical Storm Haikui has formed just to the east of Iwo To Japan and will begin to move westward in almost the same tracks as Damrey did. The winds this morning are estimated to be around 30kts and a pressure of 992mb.

In the Atlantic Basin last night, Tropical storm Ernesto had winds estimated at 45kts and a pressure of 1004mb. Ernesto this morning is moving through the windward islands bringing strong winds and heavy rain. The storm is forecasted to strengthen to possible hurricane status over the next 24-48 hours. Further east in the Atlantic near the Cape Verde Islands another new Low pressure center has developed with estimated winds of 25kts and a pressure of 1010mb.

The Eastern Pacific remains quiet today.

Climate Watch for the period of July 29 - August 2: The last five days have continued to show a strong push of below normal temps along the west coast.

Baltimore MD: The past five days the weather has been pretty close to average with high temps only 1-2 degrees above normal or 1-2 below normal for the entire period.

Gulfport MS: Above normal by 1-6 degrees the entire period with the 31st being near normal.

Twin Cities MN: Started the period below normal by 3 degrees but quickly warmed back up to 5-10 degrees above normal for the remainder of the period.

Denver CO: Above normal the entire period by 2-5 degrees.

Seattle WA: Below normal the entire period in the range of 4-10 degrees below normal.