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August 6, 2012

Big Story Weather – August 6, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from August 3-5: A large area of convection and severe weather moved through the Northern Plains spawning two tornados in South Dakota on Friday night along with wind gusts in excess of 80mph in the Northeast portion of the state. The same system moved through Eastern North Dakota and Central Minnesota bringing with it more damaging wind. Also on Friday there were isolated wind damage reports in the Northeast from Maine southward into the New Jersey area. Friday also provided more in the way of extreme heat for the Southern Plains as places like Arkansas and Oklahoma saw the temps rise to over 100, while the Gulf Coast was dealing with heat index values over 105.

On Saturday, the severe weather pushed eastward into Indiana and Illinois providing another day of strong storms as a tornado was reported in Indiana along with multiple damaging wind reports from the Midwest southwestward back into Missouri, along with the heat continuing to spread in the Southeast.  A few wind damage reports were also found throughout the Eastern PA and New Jersey area.

On Sunday, the frontal boundary and associated severe weather moved into the Northeast, yet again spawning a tornado in Central New York state, while the wind damage spread from Maine southward into New Jersey again. A second pocket of wind damage occurred in Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma. There were a few isolated wind reports back in the western states. Also the heat again flourished in the Southern Plains.

Big Story Weather for August 6: Tropical Storm Ernesto continues to track towards the Yucatan and should remain south of the United States.  A strong tropical wave is moving through the Northern Gulf of Mexico and will be responsible for bringing heavy rainfall amounts from the panhandle of Florida into Southeast Texas, with the heaviest in Southern AL/MS near the center of the wave. The heat will continue to suppress the Southern United States in places like Oklahoma and Arkansas and Southern Missouri. High pressure will ridge into the Upper Midwest and the Great Lakes bringing nice conditions to the region and also the nice weather will extend eastward into the Northeast. High pressure will be in place over the Rockies bringing nice conditions to the area, however the Southwest will see isolated afternoon thunderstorms in association with the monsoon over the region. The Pacific Northwest southward into San Diego will see another nice day as temps will be near normal to slightly above normal.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: Partly Cloudy skies will spread from the Korea´s eastward into Japan. Central China will be dealing with another tropical land falling system bringing another round of heavy rain and strong winds to the same region that got hit last week. The monsoonal trough will be in full force from India and into Pakistan and also Southeast Asia. Low pressure over Eastern Europe will bring a few showers to places like Italy and also it will extend into Turkey. Low pressure continues to dampen England with another day of showers possible. High pressure influences Eastern Australia with partly cloudy skies, while the central and western portion will be dealing with a frontal boundary moving through the area bringing with it the chance of rain.

Big Story Oceans for August 3, 2012: The Atlantic has three spots of concern this morning. The first is right along the Florida Panhandle as this area will continue to move westward across the Northern Gulf of Mexico. No further development is expected with this feature as winds are around 20kts with a pressure of 1013mb. The second is Tropical Storm Ernesto which continues to turn towards the Yucatan with an estimated pressure of 1003mb and winds around 45kts. The system does have the potential to gain hurricane strength when it enters into the southwest Gulf of Mexico. The third is now Tropical Depression Florence which continues to turn in the Central Atlantic with an estimate pressure of 1009mb and winds near 30kts.

The Eastern Pacific has two storm systems also. The first is out near the International Date Line west of Hawaii with an estimated pressure of 1008mb and winds around 30kts. It will remain a marine interest at this time. The second is a wave that just pushed off the Mexican coast into the Pacific. This area has winds around 25kts and a pressure of 1008mb. This system does have the potential to further develop over the next 24hrs.

The Western Pacific has Tropical Storm Haikui which is just about to become another Typhoon later today with estimated winds right now around 60kts and pressure near 978mb. The second is 13W which currently has winds near 45kts and a pressure of 989mb.

Climate Watch for the period of August 1-5

There is a shift in the cooler air as now we find it settling in over the East with an area of High pressure, while the West starts to feel the heat with temps exceeding 15 degrees of average.

Cleveland OH: Temps below average from 5-12 degrees with the 3rd being slightly above normal around 5 degrees.

Biloxi MS: The region has been around 2-5 degrees above normal, with the 2nd and 3rd heavier rainfall bringing the temps 1-4 degrees below normal.

Little Rock AR: Hot is the best way to describe the region as temps have been 5-10 degrees above normal the entire 5 day period.

Billings MT: Overall warmer than average with the exception being on the 3rd when the temps were 15 degrees below normal, followed by a slight warming again towards the 5th.

Portland OR: The end of the cooler days came to start the month as now the region is seeing its first warm period in a while as temps are now running 7-15 and even higher above normal for  the region.