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August 7, 2012

Big Story Weather – August 7, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from August 6: The heat continued through the Southern Plains as many places again were over the 100´s in Oklahoma and Texas and portions of Arkansas. Also the fires continue to burn in portions of Oklahoma, which the heat does not help. Yesterday´s severe weather was confined mostly to strong winds with the concentration of them in Central Mississippi and portions of Arkansas. There was also an isolated hail report in Nebraska.

Big Story Weather for August 7: High pressure in the Northeast will make for a very comfortable day from Baltimore northward along the I-95 region. High temps in Baltimore may reach the lower 80´s. Orlando and the Southeast will be dealing with a frontal boundary bringing with it the increased chance for showers and thunderstorms to the region, look for Orlando to hit the lower 90´s today. The majority of the weather from the Mississippi River west will be very nice with a few pockets of showers and thunderstorms being found in the Northern Plains. Otherwise the rest of the regions will be nice from Salt Lake westward to the West Coast as temps will be in the upper 80´s in the mountains to 90´s in the west.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: A frontal boundary extending west of the Korea´s will bring cloudy skies and showers to the region and also the clouds will extend eastward into Japan. Eastern China is again getting hit by another tropical system: this time its Haikui as it continues to move towards a landfall south of Shanghai. The monsoonal rains will again be found throughout Southeast Asia including India and Pakistan. Interaction between the low pressure over Norway and also the approaching low pressure from the Atlantic will make for a very cloudy and wet day for the majority of Europe from England to Spain and eastward into Germany. High pressure moving in over Western South America will bring nice conditions to Peru, while High pressure over Eastern Australia will also make for a nice day throughout Australia.

Big Story Weather Oceans for August 7, 2012: There are many areas being watched for potential development along with many storms and one typhoon out there currently.

In the Atlantic Basin, Tropical Storm Ernesto is approaching the Yucatan and is also still forecast to possibly hit hurricane strength before landfall. This morning winds are estimated around 55kts and a pressure of 993mb. This storm will continue to move slowly westward. The next area contains the remains of Tropical Depression Florence which is heading across the central Atlantic this morning with winds near 25kts and a pressure of 1010mb. The third is another low pressure area that has just pushed off the African Coast and is currently supporting winds around 25kts and a pressure of 1009mb.

In the Eastern Pacific Basin, a strong area of low pressure is currently moving away from the coast of Mexico with winds estimated at 30kts and pressure near 1007mb this area has the potential to further develop over the next few days.

In the Western Pacific Basin, Haikui continues to strengthen and is forecast to be a Typhoon by landfall just to the south of Shanghai China. Estimated winds are around 65kts and a pressure of 974mb. This storm will bring heavy rains, strong winds and dangerous storm surge to an area of China that has already been hit once this year. Tropical Storm 13W continues to track slowly towards the north and will move slightly closer to the Northern part of Japan before dissipating. Winds are estimated around 45kts and a pressure near 989mb. The third area of concern is 91W which currently has winds near 15kts and a pressure of 1010mb. This area does show signs of further development in the extended forecast.

Climate Watch for the period of August 2-6

The five locations listed above have all seen their share of above normal temps over the past five days.

Baltimore MD: Temps were above normal from the 2-6th ranging from 4-10 degrees above normal.

Orlando FL: Did see above temps of 1-2 degrees for the period of the 2nd and 3rd while the temps dropped to about 1-2 degrees below normal and then on the 6th returned to about 2 degrees above normal.

Dallas TX: The heat just continues to engulf this area as temps were about 7-12 degrees above normal for the entire period.

Omaha NE: Temps started out really above normal averaging about 9-10 degrees above, followed by a cooler 4th and 5th were temps fell to about 1-2 degrees below normal, than rapidly warmed back up to about 10 degrees above normal on the 6th.

Salt Lake City UT: Seen temps about 1-5 degrees above normal along with normal conditions on the 3rd.